Vendor Issue: Store Credits & Gift Cards

I meant to post about this sooner:

When I use my Store Credit (and now a gift card) at your instore vendors, the vendors do not factor the qualified percentage discount , in my case 8%, nor do they factor the group tag discount.

I just bought two Reeds with the gift card and was charged L$190 each and I bought one Reed on my store credit and was charged L$190. With my group tag discount and my additional 8% discount, I should of been charge L$165.60 each not L$190.

Thought you would like to know this because I have burned through a lot of my store credits and was overcharged so its not much of a store credit is it if the vendors ignore the group tag and qualified percentage discounts and having to pay full price…

I hope you can rectify this soon.

PS I ended up buying an Orange Tree instead of a Reed thanks to the Vendor auto scroller, please disable that LOL! I would like to trade the tree for a Reed please.

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Unfortunately, the store credits and the gift cards do not account for discounts, an intended feature of CasperVend. I’ve looked into their wiki, which is intentional for security purposes.

A workaround would be to limit vendors to ‘group only’, which is not something I would want to do, as people not in SLColonies Group would not be able to use them at all - i.e., new customers. Our setup automatically invites new customers to the group on a purchase or receiving the hud.

Also, with store credits, you cannot get a further discount/credits; otherwise, you would be earning credits on credits since the store credits are a gift for spending in-store.

As for purchasing the wrong item, I am happy to trade 1 for 1. So please send the orange tree to attila.katana in-game, and I will send a new delivery of reed to your account.

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Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Tree sent.

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