Updater removed all the contents from my aging barrels

This is a catastrophe. All the contents in my aging barrels were gone after the update. which means I am litterly out over 1000 servings of of aging Liquor and woodchips

This has to be fixed.

Dont worry, I can recover it all for you, Let me investigate what went wrong so we can fix it for the future, and then I will come and fix your Aging barrels

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the script are there but the update reset the barrels so now everything I had aging is gone.

Bye bye Tequila Ugly, Lonestar whiskey, leprechaun Ale, buckwheat stout, Luna Kumis, Uttaberry wine, stink o Elder wine, Maple Liqour and Appleberry mead.

All recovered by Drakkhis. You ROck Man!!!