Updated Cooking Station, Loom, Spinning Wheel and Leather Tanner

All of these have now been updated to the new v0.15.3 scripts. 1 Change in the Cooking station. It now requires the chef to remain seated during the entire craft to be more in line with the other crafting stations.


I always appreciate improvements and development progress but I don’t think that’s a good idea especially for Cooks who have multiple ovens and were able to cook on them simultaneously to save some time because it takes so darn long to cook multiples of anything and now you restrict them to one oven at a time. I wouldn’t have purchased multiple ovens under this restriction…

If I have the option, I will not be updating my ovens and if I have to update them then I will respectfully request a refund on two of my three ovens because now there is no point having more than one.


it has logic. these sudden and mandatory changes are not welcome. I wouldn’t have bought deer if they didn’t give me hide. now the leather is random.


I put the leather back to not being random about 2 days ago, since having them random was causing an error, so no issues there.


Thanks, Zagan. I will discuss and likely bring it back to a no-sit.

Peasants could cook stews and do their farming during the day before returning to a ready-to-eat meal.

The smelter works the same way as well.

And we have a spoil timer on the cooking station and the smelter to ensure you return to it in time, or you lose your work.

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I apologize, when I was doing the updates I had to decide on whether No Sit Ball or whole sit ball, and I didn’t take into account the Original reason I had it to be able to walk away from the cooking, and the reason we had the spoil timers, Forcing you to sit the whole time kind of makes the spoil timers useless, I have fixed it and removed the Sit Ball for cooking.


Thank you for making it change and allowing the cooks to not have to sit at the station. this allows a lot of freedom for the cook to cook at multiple stations and allows others to make small meals and continue to do their duties.

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My GF, the colony’s Cook, informs me that the hover text countdown timer that appeared when you started cooking is no longer there and while sitting by the fire when the recipe was completed, she would automatically pop out of the chair, this also is no longer occurring.

Were these two features purposely removed in this new update?

The campfire has not been touched at all

“The campfire has not been touched at all”

LOL I am not asking if that campfire has or hasn’t been touched.

I was simply pointing out that the two features I mentioned that were present prior to the Cooking station update are no longer present with the updated Cooking stations that I have rezzed…

So I am asking if these were deliberately removed. And if they weren’t, then perhaps its a bug or an inadvertent coding oversite.

Anyway I am just bring that matter to your attention.

You asked for the Pose ball to be removed from the cooking station… And now you say there is a bug because your cook is not poping out of a chair that no longer exists because you ask for it… I am really confused

I said that forcing cooks to only be able to use one cooking station at a time would be bad idea.

The popping up from a campfire chair when resting (at any given time during the cooking process) has nothing to do with adding or removing a pose ball. It was simply something that occurred when she was recharging her energy levels and now no longer functions…

So you would prefer to be kicked out of the campfire chair when a recipe is completed over being able to continue to sit on it and regen energy? Or are you saying that now since the update, you are being kicked out after the recipe is completed?

Nothing has been updated in the campfire, so unsure what is being referred to there or why there’d be any difference.

If that was occurring that was a bug we were never informed of. It was never intended for that to happen.
Regarding the timer feature in the previous version of the cooking station, we decided to remove it from this version due to some script optimization and simplification. However, we are open to feedback and suggestions from our community and we can consider adding it back in a future update if there is enough demand for it.

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“Or are you saying that now since the update, you are being kicked out after the recipe is completed?”

She was kick off of the campfire chair prior to rezzing the updated Cooking Stations when a recipe was completed. Now with the new station rezzed, this is no longer happening.

As Devs I thought you would like to know what was happening with the newly release updated Cooking Stations:

  1. The Hover Text Cooking Timer is no longer visible
  2. No longer being kick off a campfire chair upon recipe completion

I don’t cook so it makes no difference to me. And I have no idea what the coding is or how the two are connected.

I guess cooks thought being kicked off the chair at recipe completion was part of the process and not a bug :slight_smile:

Interesting. Nothing was changed with the campfire scripts. So unless something is linked in the backend .PHP that would now ‘no longer’ kick you off a campfire chair, then I have no idea. Either way, not being kicked off the chair is a better feature, so if that’s occurring, that’s a good thing now, as you can keep regening energy and doing your thing.

I never noticed a cooking timer on the station before. Probably something that Drakkhis was testing. A timer would be great on the smelter, smith and other stations, but I always just referred to the chat a station would give me and set myself a timer on the phone with Google Assistant to ensure I returned to a completed craft in time before a spoil.

Unless there was a ‘spoil’ timer no longer showing?

Whatever it was, she used it as a quick visual cooking duration reference and its not there anymore. It would tell you what was cooking, how many was cooking, and a completion timeline that counted down. I saw it last night when she was cooking a few drinks prior to updating and I had seen it on many previous occasions - She keeps me in energy drinks :slight_smile:

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