Update wet fields

I requested 3 updates and received only 2

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Did it take the 3rd away from you? CasperVend has only received 2 update requests.

3 disappeared and I only received 2…
but that’s ok, it’s just another problem, I’m used to it, thanks.

No need for any hostility - quite happy to send you a replacement if one has been lost.

damn man, why do i have to ask for god’s sake if i proved i lost one? the same way I need to ask for the love of god to teach me how to sharpen a knife (with text), but my own pride doesn’t allow me, so I stop my activities, I don’t feel welcome.

Not sure what’s going on with you Axel, but I think you need to take a small look within yourself and work on some of your patience. For you to say you don’t feel welcome is an overreach. If you take a look back, I’ve been responding to you personally to every one of your questions and doing my best for you.

I’ve even come onto your land personally and tried to help you. But for some reason, you are feeling like you are not welcome and everyone is out to get you or something? Where does the hostility from you suddenly come from? Have I done something to you? Have I shown you any disrespect?

Do you take this as me not wanting to give you a replacement? This is standard procedure - When there are issues with product delivery, there are steps we can take to troubleshoot first. The majority of the time, items end up showing up in lost and found when logging back into the game, and this is where I was going with that conversation. But you took it as if I didn’t want to give you a replacement, saying that it’s another problem, and you’re used to it?

What is it that you are used to? Again, have I done something to show you disrespect or knock you down? In my mind, I’ve shown you hospitality and I’ve done my best and always provided you with answers as fast as I could.

Sure, I can’t make translated instructions for every product, because I do not speak any other languages. And you can use Closed Captioning on YouTube to obtain translations. And if you have trouble with those, you are free to ask here and we do our best to explain.

Anyway, I’ve sent you another wet field, since you don’t wish to go through the troubleshooting and lack the patience and feel disrespected by my method.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


It’s ok, I apologize, but in RL some things change my mood. Thx for the new field!