[UPDATE] Personal & Community Storage

We have updated the personal storage chests and the community storage cabinets with WebGL.

On top of being able to view your inventory on our website, you can manage your inventory with the new webGL screen.

The items on either side are scrollable. No more next and back clicks. Just click on the item in your inventory or the storage which you wish to manage, select how many of that item to transfer and you are done.

On update, you will be asked to either create new storage or link to existing storage. Make sure to link to any existing storage you have, if you updated instead of purchasing a new crate, or you will need to get another one and link it to your existing storage that you no longer have access to.

This also means you can have multiple storage crates linking to the same storage inventory if you so choose.


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Dorian asks: How do you increase the speed of the scroll? It seems to only move one or two items with each movement of the scroll wheel. He added that the scrollbar did not work for him, and actually caused the HUD to attempt to restart.

Other than that, he says it’s awesome. And even with that, it’s MUCH better than the blue box!

Thank you, and well done!

Will look into scroll. Though my own mouse wheel has two options being it clicks or I can let it go and it will scroll endlessly until it finished.

How is his scrolling on internet explorer per scroll action?

It could be a mouse thing.

I think it might be a lag or network issue. He said it did better the next time he used it, and the scroll bars worked a bit also.

He says web pages are working normally. Graphics and chat scrolling inworld are normal as well. He says he’s going to try adjusting the scroll via Windows or the mouse drivers.

Separate comment based on Vu’s experience: If you have more than one chest, make sure they are named differently and that the names are recognizable in a few characters. Long names that start with the same characters will all show up the same on the buttons, and they do not list in the setup menu in the same order that they list on the website. Not renaming first results in much confusion and swearing.

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Hah, valid point there, trying to figure out which storage.

In saying that, if you are one of those with that issue and have already received updates, a workaround will be this:

  • Link one of your chests to one of the similar names.
  • Rename that one you just updated to a new name.
  • Rinse and repeat.
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That’s what he ended up doing. When he figured out they were not in the same order (on the first one, fortunately), he stopped swapping them out until he had renamed all the rest, replaced them, then came back to the one that had the “wrong” name as a result of the first one, and renamed and updated it.

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how can i access the new webgl inventory? i get always the old one :frowning:

I see that your question was answered Discord.
Let us know if you have difficulties.

/whine on

It was much nicer when the distance to use the Community Storage was more than 5m.

/whine off

why you need more then 5m?

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Mostly just convenience. As noted, it was a whine not an actual problem.

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