[UPDATE] New Research Items - Update on Seamstress, Furniture and Clothing

We know some of these updates have already been announced unofficially. However, now is the time to announce them as out there to the greater community, as we have the new seamstress products coming out this week, including the loom and sewing table.

If you have a research table, you can now research new patterns and plans. The patterns are needed for the new loom. Plans are going to be needed for the sewing table to make finished goods.

Once you have researched these, you will need to make copies. To make copies, you require to use an Engineering Table. You will need Parchment Paper to make copies, which you can obtain from the Rangers.

A pattern gets loaded onto a Loom. The loom uses a combination of different types of strings made of wool & cotton (more later). The wool and cotton string can be coloured using a dye vat (also coming soon!) and these different types of coloured strings are loaded into a loom and with a ‘pattern’ to create a bolt of material containing a loaded texture.

These materials are brought to a sewing table along with a copy of a ‘sewing plan’. This will output finished products, such as pillow and sheet covers, blankets, cushions and various items of clothing.

Some of these finished products are purchased by other players who own furniture, such as a bed. They can load blanket and sheet designs onto their bed to change the look and feel of their furniture. Sheets have durability, and when they wear out, so will their energy and fatigue regeneration speeds. They need replacing after a certain number of uses.

We have a basic bed we will make available soon. Beds will also have a damage stat and can be destroyed (as will all our craftable furniture in this game), or repaired if they were damaged but not destroyed.

A more advanced furniture system will then be designed. Much like our weapon crafting system, you will be able to combine different parts of furniture to make various bed designs and other furniture designs. As will you be able to load custom textures into a loom for player-created materials for use on this furniture system.

During this design process, we will also add various clothing items into the system which the seamstress will be able to craft and sell on the SLC marketplaces. This clothing will be wearable and fashionable and in theme with SLC. We will endeavour to work with various fashion designers to add products to our system.


#temu, the researchers give only one pattern and i cant search for plans?

Currently one pattern and one plan available during release. You may have already learned the plan which is for bed sheets.

Check engineering table to see if you have sheets available under plans?

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i have sheet yes have learned it view weeks ago^^ then its all good :slight_smile:
but my sheet are under blueprint^^