UPDATE: HUD & Meter v0.12.0b

The HUD & Meter have been updated to v0.12.0b and this comes with a new built-in feature for all players.

We made a change to reward players for using our HUD & Meter and being in-character and not in OOC mode.

Whilst you are in OOC mode, none of your stats will drop, however, if you are in-character, your stats will drop, creating a demand for food, drink & potions. As a reward for staying in-character and creating that demand in the system, every 5 minutes while your stats drop, players now have a 1% chance that they will roll a special loot table and obtain an item in their inventory.

This loot table will change periodically, but currently the list stands as follows:

energy potion
basic herb
basic spice
message in bottle(*)
light antidote
smiths hammer

The list will change every now and again, but as you can see many of these items are currently from the CXP store. We will likely add various weapon parts and other goodies as time goes on.


The SLColonies Team