Update for the Week: Exciting Developments and Modifiability Advancements!

Greetings, Adventurers of SLColonies!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news and updates with you for the upcoming week. Our talented developer, Drakkhis, has been hard at work to bring you some incredible enhancements to our system. Let’s dive into the details:

1. Streamlined Item Updates: We understand the hassle of individually updating multiple items in your world. That’s why Drakkhis is working diligently to implement a revolutionary solution. Soon, you’ll be able to use a single update item that will remotely update all your items at once. Say goodbye to the tedious process of updating each item individually and embrace a more efficient and time-saving solution.

2. Complete Modifiability for Items: In our ongoing quest to empower our community, we’re excited to announce that all our items will be 100% modifiable. We believe in giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity. If you’re not satisfied with the 3D mesh used in our designs or if you have a unique world theme that doesn’t align with the medieval aesthetic, feel free to modify your items and incorporate your own custom mesh. The possibilities are endless!

3. Introducing the SLColonies API Script: We’re thrilled to introduce the SLColonies API script, a powerful tool that allows you to take customization to the next level. This script empowers you to script your items to listen to messages from our system and perform a wide range of actions. Want to make trees fall, create immersive effects like smoke and sound, trigger animations, or any other creative idea? The choice is yours! For more details, check out the forum post here.

4. Unlocking Benefits with Patreon Memberships: Calling all mesh designers! We have some exciting news for you. By becoming a patron through our Patreon program, you can gain access to exclusive benefits and significant discounts. Unlock the ability to purchase and modify our items, and sell them as themed items in your own store at full price. It’s like having access to wholesale opportunities that can enhance your business and creativity. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your offerings and stand out in the virtual market.

We’re incredibly excited about these developments and can’t wait for you to experience the enhanced modifiability and creative possibilities that lie ahead.

Adventure awaits, brave souls! Stay tuned for more updates, and let your imagination soar in the immersive world of SLColonies.

Best regards,
The SLColonies Team

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I have questions regarding point 4 for creators.

So what you are saying, in order for us creators to be part of your system we have to pay join your patreon THEN we have to pay again for whatever it is that is available for sale that will allow us to make our unique SLC products for sale in our store. Ignoring we have to pay twice for this to happen. Question, is your items that we will be buying to sell going to be a full builder’s kit? Like a pay once update for life so we can do our job thing? Or is it like some mod trans and we have to mod every single thing each to sell each? And how much are all these sellable kits?

Hi @Kouzai, that is correct. You would need to join as a patron to obtain the exclusive benefit of the major discounts.

There are a few reasons why we have to do it this way. Firstly, the fact that our system is no-copy all around. If our system had permission to copy, you could do the mesh creation once and sell as many as you like of the working stations and items. We can’t allow that, unfortunately, with the way we have built our system and player economy.

Not exactly sure what you mean here. They will be the same as what you currently buy, except with no need for a Casper updater. So when the scripts need updating, there will be a prim that a user can rez to update all the items, including the ones you have modified and given away.

All items are modifiable and transferrable, so yes, you would need to modify every single item you purchase to sell each, and their price is the same, as you are just buying the existing items and modifying them.

Another option you could do as a creator is not to sell fully working crafting stations and gatherables. You could, for example, make your mesh creations with none of our scripts and sell those mesh creations for people to purchase and attach our main prim to them. The downside to that, however, is that people will need to buy one of our items (potentially at full price) and then one of yours.

I even thought about how Muffin Milkers makes it possible with copyable items, where they offer ‘licenses’ for the simultaneous use of stations. Again, that will not work for us, as our system wasn’t designed in the way that Muffin Milkers was, where people are reliant on sitting on stations all day to progress. We would be enabling users to purchase 1 copy of, say, any gatherable and harvesting them repeatedly one after the other.

If that’s the case then i rather you had done it the way Primus did. As i recall from how my friends described it what they did was creators hand in their mesh, the system set it up and then it gets sold in both the main store and the creator’s store with a profit of 50-50. Unless of course you guys find this too much work and its back to square one again. Coz having to mod every single time the same thing over and over again is also tedious for creators.

Also in what tier does a creator even need to be on Patreon to get ‘cheaper’ gear THEN mod each item for the convenience of the customers? And if you need to be paying for a really high tier before you can even get it cheap and earn a profit then who will want to do it? Customers don’t care about the cost of the original they care only about the outcome we set the price for.

Can you provide more information on how Primus does it exactly? That does sound like something that may be of interest to do. So it becomes an affiliate vendor practically with your own items on it with a commission for items you sold in your store.

Sorry what i know is from creator friends from the past and most are no longer in SL for me to reconfirm. What i know is something like this:

  1. They hand in their mesh [probably full perm], Primus set up the scripts and make sure it works.
  2. Package it and sold it under their Primus company with an Ad that has the original creator’s name on it.
  3. The profit is split between them both 50-50 via the vendors.

If i am right the whole transaction doesn’t need the creators to have any scripts from Primus as he is the one who handle it all. All the creators had to do was hand it in, and of course with the rules like can’t pass it to someone else, or reuse it in any other purposes than it is intended blah blah blah. So in this way the creator gets to sell their product and the scripter don’t have to worry about some kind of misuse of scripts and both party gets profits. All Primus had to do after was send them the caspervend vendor that contains their submission work for sale.

It’s a possibility but will need a lot more thought.

Every time we do a script update, we would need to update all the creator’s items into the vendor distributor as well. So the job goes from updating 64 items to 128 items just with 1 extra variation. The workload would exponentially increase, we we are not big enough yet to handle it.

All our variations (Gatherables, Huntables, Craftables, etc.) are different scripts. It’s not like we have 1 weapon script where we can just set a weapon type and be done with it with perfectly stable scripting (no updates).

It is still, currently, easier for a creator to manage their own items. The amount of items sold are minimal enough that the workload for the creator is nothing. Should sales increase, and creators notice that they are in huge demand, then this is something that would need to be discussed and we would look into.

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