Upcoming Stat Reset

Continuing the discussion from [CHANGES ] Levelling Station & CXP Usage:

Drakkhis has made us a script that will run through the database within the next 24 hours. I thought I would post and let you know what to expect.

During the manual resets that I was working on, I noticed some stats that were not right for particular races; for example, some people who were supposed to have a race where their wisdom stat is supposed to be as just an example, 9, were seen with a stat of 4.

Also, when doing resets on players that had achieved a high amount of stats through CXP upgrading, those that had not gotten their stats beyond the then non-existent caps were not looked at and were not credited with stat points based on their current player level. Meaning they had missed out on free stat upgrades.

What to Expect

When this script runs, it will do the following:

  • Calculate your total role level and make sure it matches your player level+1,
  • Reset your character stats back to base racial stats,
  • Credit your account with CXP based on the stat points that had been reset, and
  • Credit your account with Stat Points based on your player level,

Those of you who have already been reset, don’t fear; this will not make you lose everything - you will need to revisit the levelling station, and you should be able to return to where you were. On top of that, if you had already been reset, you would have a bump of CXP credit, more than you had before the reset the other night.

What else is coming?

Drakkhis is also working on a new player creation page, which will be rolled out to all existing players in the coming days.

If you read this post, you will have an understanding:

The reconfiguration of racial stats will be optional. Meaning that your character will stay as is unless you choose to reconfigure your stats. At this point, 2 points from each trait will be removed, and 12 special stat points will be credited to your account for you to place wherever you wish, allowing you to exceed the stat cap which has recently been implemented.

New players will get to see their chosen race with the pre-configured stats or can configure up to 12 points of stats as they so wish.

We hope this is the last fix on CXP and levelling, and we thank you for your patience during these times.