Unrequested Spam Items Being Delivered

Is there possibly a way we can opt out of the “free giveaways” that simply clog up my inventory. I am now getting messages that my inventory is too high and I am losing energy and dying. I don’t need these items, and don’t want them. I think there are like 8 of them. I know they are random, but I already have 8796 twine and 3471 twigs. Can I please stop this unrequested giveaway.

While we are on this topic, is there possibly a way to stop the sending of a LM everytime I go to the mainstore? I land there and boom, am bombarded with landmarks and please join our group. Is there a way it can recognize current members?

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I’ll have a look at the bot settings.

I guess I’ve just gotten used to it. When I port in I already have my mouse ready to decline lol.

I will look into creating a Player Settings page on the Website where you can set certain player options, and I will add the Random Loot as an option


I personally like the Random Loot. I get all kinds of good stuff. I’d like for it to stay but if some don’t want it maybe there can be a way to turn it off.

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I’ve changed the setting on the bot. It will be less spammy now.

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