Unexpected Internet / Power Interruptions

MY internet just dropped while I was on the Basket Station, 5% into a craft and when I logged back on, I had lost the reeds -close to 300 of them.

Now I can easily collect those reeds in no time with no expense to me other than a little bit of energy but I would hate to see that happen while on the new Furniture Station and lose all those expensive, hard-earned materials!

Is there any way to develop a some kind of backup system that would prevent players from losing all their mats in the event of an unexpected internet or power outage?

I already lost a ton of iron after an internet crash… it was hard, but I learned to make smaller portions so I’m less at risk of big losses. any station that you are sitting after starting the process, you cannot get up, otherwise it is a total loss. power outages or internet are out of the “guarantee”, it’s part of life, damage to RL and SL. in the furniture station, the beds are ready in ten minutes, which greatly reduces the risks. good thing in your case collecting reeds doesn’t even consume tools.

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Yes I am aware of all of that man.

I am simply asking if it is possible to code such a thing …

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