Unable to craft iron ingot

Getting “You Failed this Craft” when attempting to smelt an iron ingot. Can other professions still craft ingots? My Smelter is v0.11.0, and not getting a prompt to update so assuming it is the latest version.

Nothing should have changed regarding smelters.

Can you try resetting your smelter? Please give it a left-click and hold for a few seconds before releasing your mouse button to get a menu that enables you to reset the station.

Are you using a known recipe when crafting it as well?

Ohh do I need to find the recipe? I could have sworn I used to make ingots before without a recipe, I know the recipe (in my mind lol). I did try resetting to no avail

No, you shouldn’t need to know the recipe. Iron Ingots are a level 0 recipe. As long as you have the recipe ingredients right.

Check here:

I had the recipe wrong, thank you so much for your help, and my sincere apologies for thinking I had the correct recipe!

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