Typed out instruction/guides along with videos

I was thinking a written out guide on how to use stations, etc. might be a helpful supplement to videos. I know myself I prefer written out instructions/guides when learning things. That way people can go back to the specific section of manual instead of having to find appropriate time in video where it is explained. The videos are helpful, but I’ve found a couple I was unable to find some bit of info I needed. Such as making copies of plans. I have parchment for it, but how and why do you obtain copies? Is a copy so you don’t have to have items in inv to make the casts, etc? Also, how is leather made compared to parchment? Is it only a difference of what level you need to be? I’ve only been able to make parchment at level 1.

I think some basic instructions would help but I like some of the mystery of figuring it out for your profession or talking to each other cause of the community in this game. Parchment is just second generation leather. You make leather out of prepared hide and then if you put leather in the rack again you make parchment.

For the blue prints I think its kinda like Blue print is the knowledge. You know how to do it. But the cast materials are the putting that knowledge together for the base things. So every time you want a cast you have to make one at the table. The blueprint just means you know how. You’ll save points if you do more than 1 cast at a time. You can do 5 sword blades for the same 50 as 1 - it just takes longer.

Same for seamstress. The Blueprint means you know how to cut the pattern or material, but in teh table you get the actual pattern. Every cloth requires a pattern so you have to make patterns for each cloth - i.e. if you want 10 patterns you need 10 parchment.

I think if someone wanted to make a manual that would be really cool and in time that an happen but for now we have the forum until they get time to do that.

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Sorry, but not sure what this reply was attempting to solve. I’ve been working on blue prints, etc for a while so I know how they work. That was not the question I had. Also, I was not expecting things spoon fed to me. I have figured quite a bit out myself. The questions I had were of a couple issue I have been trying to solve for a while. Hopefully creators can provide such info.

Oh Sorry. I was just chipping in my thoughts. You asked questions I knew the answer to so I thought I would answer them like – –

You: “Also, how is leather made compared to parchment?”
Me: You make leather out of prepared hide and then if you put leather in the rack again you make parchment.

Anytime I ask a question or make a comment on Discord a lot of people answer so I thought that was the case here. Maybe but “FOR CREATORS ONLY” so someone doesn’t upset you by answering what looks like a straight up question.

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Nothing wrong with the response provided to you by @Jillianscott here?

They were helpful responses specifically to the questions you had asked.

Copies of patterns and plans are needed to be made at the engineering table, using parchment, in order to bring those copies to the loom and sewing table (and carpentry soon for furniture).

Unfortunately I do not have the time to type out full instructions of every product. We have made 101 videos, and if someone wishes to donate their time typing out instructions to add to those 101 video pages, I would be happy to add the text in.

The 101 videos in the docs would be ideal. No need for typed out instructions on every product as they all work pretty much the same way.

And we have the forums :slight_smile:

To tell @Jillianscott that you were not expecting to be spoon fed kind of contradicts the need for written out instructions that really dumbs down things for people and spoon feeds everyone else then, doesnt it?

Highly disagree. It is just a different way of learning that some prefer. There is obviously personal reasons for my comment so I apologize, but infact that was not even what i meant. That was my point really. My inquiries were not addressed in either reply. I know where copies are made, but i do not understand reason behind them when casts, blueprints, patterns are saved in our list of recipes on profile. Also, my leather question was not even addressed. I’m not out to cause divide. Nice to know people who prefer written directions are spoon fed lol. So all instruction and how to books are for dumb people? That is kind of what you just eluded to. Again not here to divide but that comment was unneeded. It was just an idea I had.

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As my 1st post said, I asked if making leather was a level thing because when i use the rack only thing i can make is parchments.

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Ok, no problems. Let’s keep personal feelings aside in the discussion and all should be fine.

Ok, so let’s go over the difference between:

  • Blueprints vs Casts
  • Patterns vs Pattern Copies (patterns/plans/drafts)

When you use the research table, you will learn a blueprint, pattern, plan or draft depending on what you choose. These are considered your “hard copies” and the thought process behind it is that you don’t want to be bringing your original copies of things to a crafting table and damage an original. So we made it so that once you know an original, you will always know the original.

The engineering table is then used to make copies. For blueprints and weapons, instead of making a paper copy, it was originally made out to make a weapon ‘cast’ - consider that a copy of your blueprint. When we made the engineering table with blueprints and castes, we never had the intention to add furniture, clothing and such to it in the same way. (we could rename casts to blueprint copies and use parchment, but that would annoy current weapon makers I think?)

Now, when we came up with new lines of products to give more things to do for the Ranger as an example. We had a thought on how we could integrate leather and paper making in their profession to add value.

When you use a template on a sewing machine, you never use the original in real life, you use templates that were either copied or printed multiple of. So in SL Colonies, you know an original from the research table, and we now require you to go to the engineering table, add parchment/paper made from the Ranger and make a copy of your original into an original_copy which you now bring to the crafting station and consume.

It gives the ranger more value and adds more items to be crafted and traded amongst players. Without the parchment and copying addition, the ranger would be just hunting animals and there would be no need for a ranger to trade any of the items they gather.

The above is not instructions as you were asking though, that is an explanation of the thought process behind the things we do, and I’m more than happy to add these kinds of thoughts into the videos we make so that you can better understand the why behind certain processes?

Definitely not a level thing, if all you can make is parchment, then all you had in your inventory is leather. Parchment actually comes after making the leather.

The rack requires a level 1 ranger for both recipes.

  • If you have Prepared Hides in your inventory, you will have the option to make Leather
  • If you have Leather in your inventory, you will have the option to make Parchment
  • If you have both Prepared Hides and Leather in your inventory, you will have the option to make either/or.

Hope this helps?

rang 2
rang 1

Ok this is going to be hard to explain over text, but i will try. (reason I agree videos help by the way lol but not always) I added 2 pics of menus i get at rack. it says i have neither type item ok, but when i hit ok the next menu will show asking how many OKs. Even when i put a number i am still able to do the mini game. It takes scrap hide from my inventory when i do that. When finished with game i get parchment after 3 correct swipes. I mean the menu is not telling me what im using so i do not know what i need to make the leather. I just can make parchment like i said. I know i need to learn recipes and have no issue doing so (hence my spoon fed comment). I just literally do not understand how to get leather.

As for the blueprint copies, I understand all you wrote and i appreciate that, my issue is how do you add the parchment TO the engineering table to make copies. I have 8 blueprints/Patterns, etc so i know how to make the casts. now are copies a recipe itself? because i did get a sheets copy plan that takes parchment. Again I do not know what needs to be done for that specific one.

Hope you can follow and thank you for the time of helping me. I give you my word past issues will not be an issue again. Stubbornness is a virtue AND curse lol.

Now that’s different. It’s not meant to look like that at all, and the ‘OK’ is not an item. This tells me something is bugging out. @drakkhis will need to look into this one and have that fixed. We will release an updated table to fix that bug.

Ah, ok. So you first need to learn the pattern/material at the blueprint table. Once you have learned a pattern, the parchment should be taken automatically from you, not a recipe.

Here are screenshots:

  1. Click Use Blueprint

  2. Click either Sewing Plan or Material Pattern. In my case I have selected Material Pattern as I have researched that pattern.

  3. Select the pattern/plan you are making a copy of. I am making wool cloth as that’s the only pattern I have researched.

  4. Type in how many of the pattern you would like to make a copy of. I have typed in 1.

When done, that should consume the parchment in your inventory.

You can repeat this same process to make sheets from the Sewing Plan menu.
It’s not a traditional recipe where you add ingredients and hope to get it right. It will consume the required ingredients from your inventory automatically and tell you if you are missing something.

But it looks like there is a bug in that as well. As with weapon part casts, it will specifically tell me what is missing. With the materials and patterns, it looks like it won’t tell you, and even if you have no parchment, it will start producing. So there’s a bug here you’ve also found that allows us to make copies without even having a need for parchment. @drakkhis will push a new update to fix that as well shortly.

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OK the pattern part I got working, but for the Hunter Rack, are those menus not confusing? It says i have 0 hide and leather, but when i hit ok it asks how many OKs i wanna add. Like i said it takes scrap hide when i enter number of “OKs”. Which in video you do say it takes 5 so that part is right, but it doesnt have leather or parchment as an option of what i’ll get as outcome. also, the images i sent are in reverse order. i get the bottom menu first. Thank you again for clarifying engineering table and hope I can get some on the rack issue. Since my last reply, I did remember there was a change that the rack no longer takes scrap? so is that rack outdated since it did take scrap or am i just imagining things?

I’ve already answered that question above. See below:

It’s bugged.

It is supposed to take Prepared Hides or Leather, and you get Prepared Hides by making them using the leather tanner from scrap hides and animal hides.

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ohhhh ok apologies once again! I think you can rest now. I’ll step down from the podium lol. Thanks!

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Well in realising the bugs, I don’t think written instructions would have solved the above issues at all. I could have all the instructions in the world and they would not have made sense, since you were seeing completely different text in the menus and all that :smiley:

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Touché my friend! hahahaha Much respect. You guys are great.

begging for all the recipes isn’t exactly figuring things out for yourself. and there are instructions and videos about how to use things. many things, like recipes, are meant to be discovered. what fun is anything if it’s completely figured out and done for you?


“I just can make parchment like i said. I know i need to learn recipes and have no issue doing so (hence my spoon fed comment). I just literally do not understand how to get leather.”
Thinking this quote from me was overlooked. I enjoy figuring stuff out. For stations I even make spreadsheets to figure out combo options so i can figure stuff out in fact. I do not think I ever begged for a recipe. Yes I have asked if anybody wanted to share once or twice, but that was only after i tried repeatedly to figure it out on my own.

Dorian just updated the rack at Crimson to 11.1b. Is this the debugged version, or is there another yet to come?


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That is the latest update:)

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it is a pity, because it’s desperate not to be able to take 2 steps alone…