Trying to get a slaughter knife gives error

knife_1111: You do not own a weapon that matches this base type. tried several delivery boxes.

I had this a week ago also changed a broken knife for a new one and i only got a broken one, and not a sharpend slaughter knife.

Now a friend came over and has the same issue.

Although i can work with another knife she can’'t

Okay, Drakkhis will need to look at this one when he returns from vacation.

If you are getting the message knife_1111 that means you are trying to attach a knife you have taken out of the knife crate, and not one that was rezzed from the crate and allowed to configure.

So make sure you left click on the crate, and wait for the knife and its sheath to load and textures to appear on them prior to wearing.

thanx smile i should try it first myself before i start a complaint sorry:D


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