Trouble with fields. all are updatet

and plant… We have several issues with the wet field we can harvest but no harvest ist given and the plants are still there after the last harveset. Two large fields are planted although the fields are empty i get the following message: [02:19] [SLC] Large Field: You Have successfully finished harvesting
[02:19] [SLC] Large Field: you have used 1 harvest bag
[02:19] [SLC] Large Field: 7 times left to gather in [SLC] Large Field.
and some of my RFL Fields are broken. they can be Hoe’d but don’t do nothing more so no plant and water.

and the medium wet field after not giving any harvest give now a message:
[02:45] [SLC] Medium Wet Field: Sorry, the med field wet you’re trying to access is currently empty. Please return in seconds when more items will be available for gathering

Just concerning these issues are indeed solved by @drakkhis ?

@black - can you confirm?

Then I can close this topic.