"Treasure Chest" and/or "Stealable Chest" for the purpose of treasure hunts, etc

Thank you for your forgiveness if this was already suggested/discussed somewhere and I missed it!

Basically, I’m thinking the carpenters (and blacksmiths) could build/craft chests which can be set down/rezzed on parcels where that’s allowed (and SLC region server present?) and…

Possible features:

  1. Variable Item Capacity– basic 5-15 perhaps, depending on size and qty of items being stored in relation to the size of chest made (like, small chest, medium chest, large chest as different examples.)
  2. Break Open, Lockpick Open options – I do imagine strength and intelligence/wisdom stats will play a role here, and I imagine the blacksmiths making lock-pick sets which would require x-level of the related stats, to use a lockpick set in the first place-- like requiring x-level of strength to allow the option to break open X-chest (with fist, sword, or axe, etc)
  3. Steal/Loot ALL or SOME options – be it website based or menu based like the storage cabinets and chests, I imagine there being 4 options actually… a.) Steal Chest & ALL items b) Steal/Loot chest only c.) Steal/Loot ALL items only d.) Steal/Loot SOME items only… as for what happens to items when the chest has been stolen but the items left behind…, maybe it’s lost to the ether, maybe it goes back to the original inventory, maybe there’s ((just had this idea as I was typing)) an “Auction Market” it magically appears in, where players may offer bids on packaged inventory from loot left behind? Where a whole loot-lot (the 5-15 items) may be 1 copper to start, perhaps… coin going to SLC’s Creators/Main Store… to continue promoting the creation of more. xD
  4. BOOBYTRAPS! – I definitely have ideas galore on these, but to be short about it, I imagine there to be traps reflecting the need for each stat skillset; as example, a trap built into the construction which may require x-amount of x-stat to bypass and even reach the “break or lockpick” options. As example of one of the simplest type of built-in trap, it could be a oil/poison which can be absorbed through touch, rubbed on the outside of the chest, good for x-amount of time before more must be re-applied… ((this may also lead to the glove making for the seamstress…))
  5. Bury It! – An option, once rezzed in world, to “bury it” where the chest goes invisible, perhaps, and it’s shadow-prim (as I imagine it might have, maybe not, I don’t know) is revealed to look a bit like disturbed ground… or also goes invisible-- the invisible being an option for places where actually moving the chest under a ground prim/mesh isn’t plausible— which then allows room for the making of shovels… xD … also if it’s not already being built into the furniture, a finishing processing, (like linseed oil?) to seal the wood and make it last longer above and below ground.

I personally want this feature on the idea of creating loot-packages and having hunts on different parcels for existing player fun, as well as recruitment fun/tool for new players ((because it’s almost always more fun when you somehow get bonus perks/freebies when you’re just starting out in a new game… and I imagine there being some dedicated for new players, which have food items, drink items, some coin, and or tools to help get them started exploring their options in world, while getting a look at the available public spaces. xD))

They may or may not lead to the use of parchments for map-making, and co-created treasure hunts across the various public sims… which as I’ve noticed, are maintaining the same general layout presently, and thus are perfect for some screen-shot maps… Just more ideas. xD

I’ll leave it there, thanks for reading!

Thats def somethinf drak and I have discussed. Storage crates but can be broken or picked etc.

Your ideas above add a lot more scope to this feature and will be considered when we develop craftable chests :slight_smile: