[TRADE] Hoe Recipe x 1 Parchment (NO MORE)

I need the hoe recipe. I’m terrified of paying 11,000 CXP to level up and get a food recipe instead of what I need in my profession.
In time, I suggest that in the same way that we can request what we want on the website (Open Market Orders), there should also be a field to request an exchange (Open Trade Orders). For example, I want the hoe recipe and I pay with 1 parchment.

Okay, I got to buy hoes. I reverse engineered it and discovered the items used in its construction.
Now I fell into the hands of the “large wooden handle” that I don’t have, and I can’t even find it for sale.
I trade for this recipe!
“large wooden handle”

anyway, I started doing reverse engineering as I needed to guess the ingredients… after everything was broken down and discovered, risking several and several portions of each item, at the end of it all I built my hoe! no one gave me the recipe, no one wanted to exchange it for anything, but they agreed to produce my material requests so that I could do the reverse engineering and succeed in the end!
Story Summary 2: SLC impresses me every day!

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