Tournament or Competition Rewards

With the upcoming Tournament of Swords it came across my mind as to what kind of rewards perhaps we can do for future events.

Personally this is some of the stuff i would love to see as rewards:

  1. CXP points [It will help with levelling up & CXP item exchanges]
  2. Platinum Coins [It gives others a chance to obtain a much rare currency and items]
  3. Exclusive item [Weapon, Dish, Items. Depending on what it is it may/ may not be repaired or crafted]

As for which event i would love to see more:

  1. Cooking Contest
  2. Wine Contest [Best wine in categories of recipe/ description/ vessel]
  3. Tailor Contest [Give each a basic dress or shirt mesh + uvmap to design, pick the best]
  4. Costume Contests [Valentines, Halloween, Xmas]
  5. Fishing Tournament [Categories of biggest/ smallest/ most amount]


I think CXP, Platinum Coins, and an Exclusive Weapon/Item is an excellent suggestion and would make for a better, more personally valuable set of prizes than a Gift Card; not that there is anything wrong with a Gift Card. I think all combatants should receive a gift card as incentive to and an appreciation for their participation as a consolation prize if you will (It would also drive more traffic to their store)

And in addition to the aforementioned prizes, a unique victory title.


A unique title does sound nice. Eg. Champion Swordsmen 2023 would sound really nice.