Tournament of Swords

Are you a budding warrior wanting to pit your skills against others?

SLColonies is hosting a sword fighting tournament and testing the waters to see how many people might be interested in participating in a live-streamed event.

We can accept up to 32 people in the tournament, and each fight will be hosted on a different land where an arena is available.

With a 32-man tournament, there will be 16 episodes of live streams on our YouTube and Facebook pages, and this tournament could take some time to complete as we need to match both players’ timezones, as well as the host who will be streaming (me).

This first tournament will be a test, but prizes will still be available.

The top 3 winners will receive the following:

1st Place: L$1,000 store credits
2nd Place: L$600 store credits
3rd Place: $400 store credits

Survival Potions will be available to players at the start and end of fights to ensure that all survival stats are maxed out.

Players must attend the tournament with a fully sharpened and durable sword. If you don’t, this may work against you. You won’t have time to sit and sharpen/repair your sword.

The stream will also have live prizes and giveaways for people watching and participating. We will open betting on the stream using loyalty points earned for every minute of watching. You can bet on each fight throughout the tournament, and prizes will be made available to participants watching to spend those credits won.

If you are interested, head into the main store. You will see a large tournament board near the levelling and CXP station:

Click on enter on the board, and your name will be added to the list.

We will keep the board open for a week or 2 and see what numbers we can get. We need a minimum of 8 people to make this work. More is a bonus.

Let’s have some fun!


Yay gladiator moment has come~! Bring out the hungry lions~!

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Looks like I am the first to sign up. And be warned: If you lose to me, I WILL devour your soul… Bring it on!

The only thing I have an issue with are the “Survival” potions. Now I understand why you want to do this but its unfair to characters who are structuring their builds for PVP.

Players who have been placing stats in Int or Wis have no business taking up a sword and should just continue picking flowers or spinning cloth and leave the fighting to warrior builds.

Furthermore, if you are going to homogenize this tournament with the “Survival” Potions, then you also need to make sure combatants use the same weapon with equal stats.

Bravo for initialing an inter Colony event!

Is it possible to get the Tournament Texture?

Is it possible to get a registration board?

Can other people/colonies sponsor the event by providing prizes?

I should have been a bit clearer about what a Survival Potion does. It’s an admin item I created a long time ago. All it does is regenerate all your stats. It doesn’t give you extra str or dex or anything like that. Instead, it will ensure that all those entering the arena to fight will be at 100% health, 100% energy and at max stats, whatever their current maximums are.

The texture is just text I placed in front of the board. We could make an ad texture.
The registration board only works within the store. If I hand out other boards, they won’t be linked to the one in-store. It is not database driven and not made by SLC, so I have no absolute control over it.

Anyone can sponsor the event; get in touch with me privately to discuss, and we can add to the sponsor board or the occasion. The sponsor board only allows me to add numbers, no other text. EG: Sponsor Name, Amount. The amount could be anything, L$, SLC Coin, Store Credits, or your economy. But to have other prizes, like items, they won’t show up on the board but can be shown in the stream and any advertisements, showing you up as a sponsor.

Remember, this event is just a taster to see if we get interest. If it works out, we’ll make the tournament more serious, will have proper sponsor advertising and have good fun with it all :slight_smile:

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Just a reminder, the Tournament of Swords is still open to registration. We are looking for a few more people, as currently there are 7. I know I can run a tournament with those numbers, but it will be a much funner series to stream if we can get a few more fights out of it to make more episodes.

If you are interested, head into the main store. You will see a large tournament board near the levelling and CXP station:

Click on enter on the board, and your name will be added to the list.

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