Tournament Meter

Have an Idea to make a Tournament Meter, this meter would allow you to fight other players and use energy and Health that is only recorded in That meter, to everything else in the Game it would be like you are not wearing a meter, so NPCs would not attack you, you would not be able to craft or to use any other Items… What do you all think?

I like it. Lag free for practice and for tournament use.

And the weapons should not consider level and stats either. Base level and equal damage etc for a tournie.

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Yes like we were talking about I think this is a great way to “train” for combat, as well as for tournaments. This fixes the issue of needing loads of foods and health potions and long rest times when you are just practicing. Looking forward to this feature.


Also a very simple tournie meter is much less memory intensive and has much less lag to respond.

Making it ideal for fair combat in a competition style.

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