Titles: time for new ones!

So I think its time SLC implemented new titles because frankly I have been in this system now for what, 8-9 months and my ego is tired of being labeled an Explorer.

I think it would be great if title options were added based on the amount of time one spends in world with their SLC HUDs on.

For example every few months in game time a new title becomes available in the drop down menu. Perhaps the titles could also relate to specific levels of ones Profession and it should also relate to one’s Race…

Imagine if you will, someone reaches a specific amount of time at the Social Stone and the “Social Butterfly” title becomes available… Same can be said for Drinking, spend X amount of time getting drunk and the “Town Drunk” title becomes available. Spend a certain amount of money on SLC goods and the “Money Bags” title becomes available.

And I defiantly feel that if you own a colony and depending of the size of your land parcel or if one has a sim, a nobility title be bestowed… Lets have some fun with this because, lets face it, Explorer is BORING! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll even vote for that. We’ve discussed the idea for a while. Since our new website is currently under development, I want to display players’ top stats/achievements and have badges players can attain, which would go well with titles; it would be an appropriate time to implement such a feature into the system.

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I think the HUD should also display a player’s level along with a text option.

let me just second that one on showing player level.

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Yes Explore is boring lets have some titles.

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Please click the vote button :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

What type of titles would the community like to see?

Currently, the only automated titles are the Patreon ones, and creating an automated system is something we can add.

But in the meantime, we can create titles we hand out to our players as achievements completed within the community.

I’m up for ideas!