The perplexing sugar question

OK this is a mysterious issue I have. I know now how to make syrup, sugar cooked and now what is in my inventory as “Sugers” (I’m aware typos happen so not concerned about it unless that is part of the problem. I see there is “sugar” listed in an open order in the market. When I try to fill it, it says I do not have enough which to give all info I can I have 12 sugar cooked and 7 “Sugers” in inventory. The order is for 5 “sugar”. I tried with both sugar cooked and Sugers, but market did not recognize either as what was requested in order. Is this due to scripts not picking up correct spelling or what? I know this is confusing and I tried to explain best I could so it could be understood over text. Would be errrm sweet if this can be answered please.

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Most likely what’s happened is there are multiple recipes for “sugar” with different names. What you have in your inventory as Sugers is not the same thing as sugar or sugar cooked. I can’t say for sure, not being able to see the database.

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Yes I am aware of that. I am just saying this is going to be an issue for others I am sure. A system with 3 (or more) sugars is bound to cause confusion. Best to bring the subject up now I was thinking. The market order is never going to be filled without knowing which one is needed and which is the true recipe for sugar for future needs. I hope the reply did not sound to disregard your comment. You are correct in what you said, but a solution would be in best interest of all. Three sugars can lead to bigger issues down the road.

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I had the same issue many months ago, I think I still have Sugers in storage as I didn’t want to cook with it since I was also confused. Thank you so much for trying to fill my order for Sugar btw! I appreciate your trying and am sorry you ran into issues.


Thats exactly what has happened. There are multiple types of sugars with sugar being the first one make and the others are other people that have come up with their own trademark of shoogar.

So whats the recommended solution?

Do we name and shame the false sugar culprit and delete the false sugar from the system which may be used in their own recipes?

I think raw ingredients should be a system recipe anyway, but still it wont stop you making your own recipes.

Yes I agree. Basic ingredients/staple foods should have a unique name and recipe. Maybe a cookbook of basic everyday items? No need to call out those that made multiples. It was a harmless thing that happened due to the feature of making our own recipes which I am sure people agree it is such an awesome feature.

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LOL yw and it wasn’t your fault! You needed sugar so I tried to provide. :slight_smile:

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The real sugar is made with 2 x Syrup just an FYI.

You get more experience and no spoil time during cooking for the real recipe as well.

The real sugar also has much better stats used on its own or in cooking.

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Great. TY Tem! I had a feeling it was due to our chat on Discord.

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