The new release for the merchant did i do something wrong?

I receive the updates for the multi item vendor, since i replace them on my vendors i can buy some but no coins are taken and no items are delivered:S. The retrieving works and delivers the items i was asking for. i test it also with other avatars.

when i buy something this was shown
[07:22] [SLC] Meter v0.18.8: effecting

When you deposited the items in, did you set a buy and sell price?

I just tested some vendors on my end, and I cannot reproduce your error. I am purchasing items fine and it is taking my coins from me as expected.

this i did when i first bought the vendors and intalled them about a year ago and they all worked, but i check when i am online.

tested, it does nothng i changed the prizes. only thing i get:
[23:21] [SLC] Meter v0.18.8: effecting . When you have time can you come over and check my vendors in SL? Second Life Maps | Regalis i have 6 and all have the same problem.

Just checking if this has been resolved in world with @drakkhis ?

no i did not hear anything since 2 days from you guys so it is not solved i just tested again

btw the old vendors (those that are not changed with the new script) work well

There was an issue in the Server script causing the problem if there were fewer coins in the Vendor than the Items being bought. The issue has been resolved

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