Tell us about your land!

We’d like to hear about your land. Whether you have a simple humble home or farm, a large sim or a fully fledged RPG community.

Get in here and create a post about it. We would love to see some photos of your build and learn how you are using SL Colonies.



My tiny farm. I especially enjoy caring for my animals and cooking. I’m currently working on creating an area where people can gather resources, and will add a marketplace and various crafting stations as soon as I am able.


It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

This is not my farm or my place just a SLC Village i like a lot and it is open to all - Village of Cyssan

A good place to gather clay and reeds and fish and work:

There is also a market:

They also share Level 0 recipes at the Place of knowledge:

There are mines in the village and lots more in the caves:

but be careful in the caves … do not open doors

There are monsters and zombie dogs and other things that might attack you - you need a SLC weapon to kill them

Here are more photos



Thanks for the screenshots. It looks stunning!

Makes me miss the times I had time to be online and role-playing with everyone.

May I suggest that any land owners create a New Topic under this category (#land-adverts) and title it with their sim name. Inside, why don’t you tell us about:

  • What is your land about?
  • What is the theme of your land?
  • Are you looking for members?
  • How long has your land been with SLColonies?
  • Screenshots?

You can add to your post later if you wish as well. Use it as a blog if you want and post updates about your land anytime. That’s what this category is for!

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