Take what belongs to others. How far is this coherent?

[SLC] Compost Bin v0.11.0 wlw6qpxjw5s2oydnhnrqeowjokddgueo5xqpmsviocg7u6c6w5uentziooygdzpf@im.agni.lindenlab.com 01:37 (há 3 horas) para Axel

The object ‘[SLC] Compost Bin v0.11.0’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
XXXXXXXX Resident has collected 148 fertilizer that you crafted.

= [SLC] Compost Bin v0.11.0 is owned by XXXXXXXXX

I work hard at SLC, and I keep doing it every day.
Because I’m a SL free user, I have limitations on receiving IMs when I’m offline. And the SLC system itself allows things like that, whether it’s legal or not, for a newbie or for someone who doesn’t have all the devices available for us to buy, who doesn’t have their space reserved, these people are harmed.
I have observed that things like this must be taken into consideration before using public farms. Remembering that due to this supposed “lack of security”, and that we don’t have police at SLC to solve these cases.
Yours sincerely,
Axel Naxos

Of course, there are no police at SLC.

The whole purpose of the system is roleplay.

There used to be no message at all that items got taken by someone else.

Now, you get a message purely for roleplay purposes so you can roleplay investigating a thief and so on.

You can close land to the public or even stop scripts from running for non-group members.

We have also added small protection where if you craft something, it will lock the item to you for some time. So, for example, if it takes 10 minutes to prepare, it will lock to you for 10 minutes, and no one can steal it.

The maximum lock time is 1 hour. Allowing you time to go collect. You need to set yourself a timer.

We do not want to allow more than 1 hour. Otherwise, players could start a long craft for fun. Such as 1-week brewing and locking that station for a week.


Perhaps the system could warn that “they are trying to steal product X from you located in Y. You have Z hours to retrieve it before it is stolen”.
But ok, still, with limited IMs when offline, I might miss this message as well.
On Black Friday I will upgrade my SLC.
Don’t understand it as a complaint, but as a note.


No, it’s okay. I don’t see it as a complaint; even if it was, you are welcome to express your concerns and opinions on these forums, just as we are permitted to express the reasoning behind why we do certain things in specific ways.

But in saying that. Just because I might not want to do something one way, and we direct the system in a specific direction, we would reconsider if we see that most of our users want something to change.