Sweeten Your SL Colonies Experience with Billie Jean Bailey's Maple Syrup Recipe! 🍁

Recipe Card for Maple Syrup

Hey SL Colonies Adventurers! :deciduous_tree::sparkles:

Get ready to tap into the sweet side of our virtual world with Billie Jean Bailey’s brand-spanking-new recipe: Maple Syrup! :maple_leaf::pancakes:

To create this sticky delight, you’ll need to gather 2 x Maple Sap by venturing out and harvesting from Maple Trees. Don’t forget to bring those saps to the kitchen to work your magic and turn them into delicious Maple Syrup.

NOTE: Make sure to select DRINK when crafting this recipe.

But that’s not all! This syrup isn’t just a pancake’s best friend—it’s a fermenter’s dream with a high 90 sugar content, perfect for getting that fermentation process bubbling. And for our master chefs out there, you can whisk this syrup into various other culinary creations right in the kitchen. :fried_egg::woman_cook:

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get:

  • 1 x Maple Syrup
  • 7 CXP
  • Level 0 required (everyone can join in on the fun!)

This recipe is a sweet addition to our SL Colonies world and is now available to everyone. So, let’s all show some love for Billie Jean Bailey’s creativity and give it a whirl!

Happy harvesting and cooking! And as always, stay curious and keep exploring. :star2:

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Sweet regards,
Temujin & the SL Colonies Team :honey_pot::crown: