Storage not showing contents

this storage cupboard is full of things but I am not seeing them in world. I can see them on the website and I seem to be able to stash and retrieve but the hud is not working right.

OK i believe I identified and Resolved the Issue, I could not reproduce, but I noticed in your screen shot that your Player Inventory did not finish loading, So I think it was being caused by having 0 Trade Goods, Im not positive because it would not re produce for me using your exact Inventory and your Character uuid, So I have made a small adjustment Server side, can you please re test.

Can you please IM Me with the Name of the Character that Owns the Chest and the name of the Chest please so I can investigate further

the chests are all owned buy LadyPsappho.Breen it was more than 1 chest the individual trying to access the chests was Ganymede.Admiral. He is in the group the chest allow. when PeterSix.Ocelot tried to access he had no issue. it may have been that damn HTTP error that is effecting all of SL.