Storage issue hud

Hi, I have a storage chest and one of them is not working. I cant scroll or use the scroll bar, use the search bar, nothing. It just simple dont work. Tried to click on it to reset like objects and not, re-rez nope. Need to use it D:

Do storage chests normally work for you?

Does it come up with a regular blue menu for you to use to take and stash to it?

yep, just the unity hud dont work on a chest. The other is working normally, but this one dont. I have stash stuff, but idk whats inside to stack, too lazy to check on website

Just the one chest not working or all of them?

just one.
the others are okay.

Take note of your storage name.

If you send me (attila.katana) the one that doesn’t work in-game, I will send you a new one and you can link the old one to it.

you can click ‘Retrieve Item’ to see what’s inside the chest on the normal popup menu.