Spoil Timer on Cooking Station

Hi, so I don’t like this time limit at the cooking station. The hard work and time is punished if you are not on time. [something can always come in between whether RL or INet failure and so on] It should be abolished. That is my opinion.

I understand your frustration, Ice, as this happened to me earlier today. It is my understanding, that the system’s focus is roleplay and realism, which is an attribute I personally admire, and while I was not crushed that my eggs burnt and I had to re-make them, I can understand why a person would take it as a blow - especially if ingredients were rare or had been difficult to obtain. That said, If we cook in RL and we neglect our stove too long, things burn/food is ruined. However, I also understand that RL intervenes, and we sometimes miss the timer.

So, with that in mind…

Perhaps, as a compromise, a pause button could be implemented in a future update, as an alternative to deleting the timer all together, if changes were considered. Just an idea. I personally would be happy to see the timer remain, but as I am -not- currently a cook, sympathize with the situation.

perhaps said timer should be longer. eg. i made 22 items that takes 22 mins, but i only have 3 mins to collect? if we wait that long to cook perhaps we get to wait that long to collect too? or half the amount of the time we spent waiting?


As we’re moving towards everything modifiable to suit our preferred themes, let’s say I want an electric oven with a timer. then this time to burn the food is over. it’s a thought that fatally reveals that I get enraged when I miss collection time!

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