Spoil Timer on Cooking Station

Hi, so I don’t like this time limit at the cooking station. The hard work and time is punished if you are not on time. [something can always come in between whether RL or INet failure and so on] It should be abolished. That is my opinion.

I understand your frustration, Ice, as this happened to me earlier today. It is my understanding, that the system’s focus is roleplay and realism, which is an attribute I personally admire, and while I was not crushed that my eggs burnt and I had to re-make them, I can understand why a person would take it as a blow - especially if ingredients were rare or had been difficult to obtain. That said, If we cook in RL and we neglect our stove too long, things burn/food is ruined. However, I also understand that RL intervenes, and we sometimes miss the timer.

So, with that in mind…

Perhaps, as a compromise, a pause button could be implemented in a future update, as an alternative to deleting the timer all together, if changes were considered. Just an idea. I personally would be happy to see the timer remain, but as I am -not- currently a cook, sympathize with the situation.

perhaps said timer should be longer. eg. i made 22 items that takes 22 mins, but i only have 3 mins to collect? if we wait that long to cook perhaps we get to wait that long to collect too? or half the amount of the time we spent waiting?

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