Some ethics for gathering

When I arrived in the Colonies, it was soon clear that I wanted to become a farmer. I was surprised when I saw that there are not only „Gatherables“, which can be collected by every colonist, but also „Farmables“, who could be „harvested“ by everyone. I was even more surprised when I saw that many land owners keep (parts) of their land open to share.

Having these opportunities to gather requires an ethical codex and a specific morality. Especially beginners are happy to collect whatever they can find. To a certain degree this is ok. It is the expression of solidarity between SLC old hands and newcomers, which try to survive.

This specific owning-giving-relation in SLC reminded me of the colonization of the RL world, when so called „conquerors“ were used to take as much as they could possibly get. They met First Nations with a completely different mindset, namely that of sharing and respect for all (not only human) beings. My own nation, the Vikings, were such „conquerors“. They were feared by other nations for plundering huge parts of Northern Europe. They took what they could take. Even as a shield maid I am ashamed for my ancestors.

Nevertheless, it’s sharing and respect, which should guide our gathering in SL colonies. And there should be some rules for this owning and giving. I want to put forward some points for discussion:

  1. Collect only what you urgently need, behave like you wish others should behave. Also the following colonist wants to have something and does not want to wait a full cycle of re-growth for his harvest.
  2. Try to stay away from Non.- Gatherables, such as animals or farming fields. They are not made for a general sharing, they are Farmables not Gatherables! It is always better to ask owners if they want to give away their stuff. Maybe the owner wants to do so, maybe not.
  3. If you finally farm on foreign fields, never leave them empty after you are done. Try to make them ready for the next harvest: ploughing them, providing them with seeds, fertilizer and water. This shows respect and gratitude.
  4. Owners, please indicate, if your land is free to be harvested or not. This will help your visitors in deciding about their urge to collect whatever they find.

We all know these other farming systems, who are clichés of a greedy RL: greediness not only of operators but also of users. Nothing counts, except the Linden earned and items accumulated The „free market“ is one reason, why these systems are almost completely destroyed by their gamers. SLC should do better as we possibly are inclined enough to lead a different, a better better life. It’s good to have our monitored SLC market system.

So if you have more ideas to share on related ethics, please use this opportunity.


Landowners can also now protect items they don’t want gathered by others (or farmed or killed) through the security system that was recently implemented.

If you long left click on an item as the item owner, you will get to change the security of your items in various ways:

  • Open: Anyone can use it.
  • Group: Only members of your own SL Group can access.
  • Colony: Only members of the same colony as the item can access.
  • Owner: Only the item’s owner can access it.

This does, unfortunately, remove some of the roleplay aspects of the system. But it also fixes the issue of those players with no moral standards. Some players create alts in the system purely to go harvest and kill others things so that they cannot be tracked to their original avatar, which is counter-productive.

All-in-all, though, this hands over control to the sim owners.

This is a useful piece of information I was not aware of. Thank you! More control instead of more respect seems to be the pragmatic way out a situation, where players with no moral standards are allowed to ruin good community life.

My reaction to these new security standards will be to leave some stuff open for others and reserve the rest for use by my colony members. Who else should I trust if not the members of my own colony?

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It seems that these security measures. are not working for the fields (yet). Is this correct or do I oversee something?

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