Socialising / Buffing / Drunk Stat

Another idea I’ve been discussing with a new member of our community and that I have thought about for a bit.

While we are updating the whole brewery system, there is something else I would like to add to the system, kind of similar to the idea I gave about the merchants and marketplaces, but this time for all professions and all players.

We would make scripts so that you can place in your items that when more than 1 person ‘sits’ on it, it tracks your time on it and considers it an interaction.
For example, we might release tavern tables by default or dance pits with pillows to sit around as viewers… the longer you sit there with others, the more of a new ‘Social Stat’ you will generate. Perhaps it’s dance balls - it can be anything.

If you drink alcohol made by the brewer and get your ‘drunk’ stat up, the speed at which you increase your ‘Social Stat’ will also be buffed. Giving players a reason to drink the brewer’s goods. However, if you get too drunk, your vision will be heavily impaired.

You then visit ‘other’ colonies which are not yours, and you transfer your ‘Social Stat’ for a special ‘Buff’ with a timer.

During the buff timer, you can go around and gather, craft, farm, or whatever you like and not consume any energy. Once the buff runs out, you will consume energy again.

So, you could chop trees and mine ores, the heavy-duty stuff, at no cost in energy potions or foods. But, the cost to you is time spent in socialising areas like your taverns and visiting other sims socialising areas to transfer your points for the buff.

You can place the script into ANY of your own items and add your AVsitter animations to them. So if you want something more ‘adult’ - you could.


“So if you want something more ‘adult’ - you could.”

Well that just elevated the bed to new naughty heights :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting concept and the exchanging of Social points for a “Special Energy Buff” is appealing and is a potentially fabulous RP feature but will it really encourage cross colony visits?

There are very few colonies that are worth traveling too, some are just a very small parcel in the sky and for the most part colonies are usually void of any players and while these scripts may prove to be a useful traffic generating tool, it could be an expense that, for whatever reason, members would not be willing to invest in, resulting in a limited amount of colonies where this would be active.

Perhaps this Social feature should be embedded into the region server and is automatically activated simply by being in another colony ensuring that all colonies are participating instead of just a wealthy few. And as you say, some items could be developed that work in tandem with the default social feature that provide either additional bonus or accelerated social stat points. Also have it structured so that the more colonies you visit the more points you get, encouraging multiple colonies visits: Kind of like a check list for visiting all colonies.

I could see this working very well for attracting traffic to your RP sims once they go live. :slight_smile:

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We wouldn’t be able to do it to a Region server, as region servers don’t track any membership. However, colonies have a member list associated with them.

Also, with the new station releases, stations are automatically registered to the same colony as their owner. That means it’ll be easy to associate if the person using a station is from the same colony.

We would also release a ‘Tavern Sign’, which links to the owner’s colony, but allows you to place the sign out by your Tavern and lists your Tavern on our website for others to visit. That way, you shouldn’t be visiting empty colonies and should be visiting a place that has gone out of its way to create a Tavern with the new socialising idea.

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Sounds like just another reason for players to use alts/bots to farm the system.

Not really. Since the buff for harvesting would only work on the player that performed the socialising.

If your alt did all the work and is the one doing the harvesting on your land anyway, then it’s not really botting, it’s an active player using alts to do various tasks.

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This is a neat idea, I am all for it! The more detail and realism, the better! :heart:

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Was just thinking about it today. Had an Idea of at random Intervals if a group of 3 or more players are together, 1 of the players will be given a word or Phrase in local chat, and if another player says that word in local chat, that player and the player who heard the word both get a social bonus.


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