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So I wanted to wait until a few days into your 50% sale had passed to explore all the SLC Regions to find Social Stones.

I just finished my search and out of 17 SLC regions I was only able to find two Social Stones excluding the Dev’s stone. Am I missing something?

Nor has there been any Social Stone related event notices since its release.

How about posting a list of all the regions with Social Stones in this thread…

Please forgive me for asking but has the Social Stone flopped as an RP item? Are there so few regions with stones because it is way over priced and limited functionality even at 50% off? Or have the owners of stones keeping them hidden?

So here are a few suggestions I think would help increase the interest in the stone:

  • Lower the price to L$500 for it as is.

Otherwise to increase the value of the stone consider the following (or even developing them as Stand Alone items):

  • Rework the mechanics of the stone to have three main menu function settings: Visitation, Hunt, and Event (the latter being its current and only function).

The Visitation Setting would be similar to the BL Haunt but instead of just slapping it and instantly TP’ing to the next, a player would have to stick around for several minutes and once that criteria is met, can TP to the next stone with the built in Location Menu. As the player goes from one stone to the next there is a percentage increased in bonus points for every consecutive Social Stone visit providing the next stone is visited within a set amount of time. This could be the default setting so SLC players could still accumulate points from the stones without having to wait for an organized event. Also consider a Social Stone Leader Board listing the top 10 players with the most visits. Stats could also be web based :slight_smile:

The Hunt Setting would have several smaller satellite stones or scripted custom objects that would be scattered about the colony and players would have to click on all the objects to score points and to be able to move on the the next stone. There can be a prize awarded upon completion and it could be coins or random assets either provided by the owner or the system. The Hunt can only be engaged once a day. This would be an excellent option to encourage colony exploration.

I believe the Hunt and Visitation functions would be very appealing to all players and region owners.

Oh and I only found two mailboxes and Axel Naxos STUFFS region takes you to an abandoned parcel and the Vivaldiland SURL TPs you thousands of meters up in the sky.

As Aways thanks for listening and I look forward to your Chat GPT generated corporate reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I am impressed.

I was not aware that a demon was capable of constructive criticism. Usually, it is criticism with nothing constructive within to help us improve. So thumbs up to you for trying and contributing something constructive to help us improve on already existing items that you feel could be further improved.

I can tell you that there are 11 social stones out there (not including the official main store ones). In terms of where they are, currently, we do not list them on our website, though we do plan to have all social stones listed in the near future through our website.

It is up to the individual land owners to create their own events, whether public events for the grander SL Colonies community or internal events for their own player base. We have regions in SL Colonies that are not listed on the region list website, as they are building their own RPG and have their own internal active community of roleplayers.

We wish to have a list of social stones on our website (toggled private or public), where you can see currently active stones, perhaps listed in order of how many active players are around that stone. But, also, it would be ideal if we had a public calendar listed on the colony pages, where you could click a free date and time to have a notice posted out to the grander SL Colonies community through our in-world group notices.

I do appreciate that idea and could see it working. However, one thing to consider is that our stone is fully modifiable, so the player would need to know what social stone/beacon they are to click on to teleport to the next land participating. We also need to consider that not all lands allow public teleporting. So you could be teleported to a landing area and find yourself having to explore through a land before reaching their stone. This could be due to the land being its own RPG with its own rules and laws, and you just running through their roleplay to get to a stone would be counterproductive (a little like the fishing game I placed in our store, no one cares about anything else, but running to the fishing game).

Drakkhis and I discussed something like this a few years ago. Though not as part of the social stone. More part of the compass system but customised to a land. However, this idea is not a bad one either and could be an improvement of the idea we had about the compass being used for something like that or a combination of both (the compass could assist in finding that object you need to click on).

All in all, thanks for the ideas. I’m looking forward to other community members contributing their thoughts below.

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LOL Thanks - I think :stuck_out_tongue:

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