Social Stone Cost

Bravo for introducing a new & interesting concept item. :clap:

I don’t know how other people feel about the L$2000 price tag of the Social Stone but I find it very pricey, especially for a NO COPY item with a limited range!

Now I went around to the different sims to look for social stones and only found one so perhaps you could indicate with an icon or a color code on the Home Page the regions that have a Social Stone so players know where they can go and “socialize”… :slight_smile:

I do not have a problem with the cost here. There is a lot of coding involved to make this work.


Yes I certainly appreciate the coding / time that went into the Stone but I strongly feel that the SLC community is too individualized and that there is very little cross sim visitation incentive such as events, parties, and tournaments and while I see the Stone as a step in the right direction to rectify this, I am concerned that the item’s price will be a deterrent for many colonies and that very few will buy it and use it beyond stat padding with their colony alts…

For less L$2000 (per item) I have acquired several Equestrian Competition Courses with a Score Boards, Leader Boards and High Score Boards or an Archery System, Jousting system, Combat system including score boards and other elements such as starting pads or viewer stands for real player to player action versus a Stone that people mingle about waiting to answer trivia questions or AFK prompts. I’m sorry but I just don’t see any practical value at L$2000.

I am however, interested to see how those colonies in possession of a Social Stone, creatively use the stone and whether or not the Stones will help drive traffic from one colony to another, improving the social aspect of the system and whether or not the dormant SLC Group Chat comes alive with Social Stone events: I reiterate my request to have an Social Stone Icon place by a Region’s Listing :slight_smile:

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I think the group chat shows that our community is friendly and actively engaged in helping new players out. We must remember that our active community is still relatively small, and marketing our brand has only increased over the last month - we see an increase in daily traffic and group members. I’d love to see it over to 100 active users in the near future.

As for the stone comments on the website, we are making a new page to list all social stones in the game. The page will be sorted by how many active people are currently at the stone and using it. So it will be apparent if a stone is experiencing higher than usual activity due to an event you might not have been aware of through announcements.

I also want to build an event-hosting feature within the colony system. There would be a calendar of events being shown, and you can click a free timeslot and date to place your event there and have it listed. We could then build a bot that would integrate into smartbots and post a group announcement in the SL Colonies group about that sims event with a SLURL.

Would love also to see more people participate in the voice chats I host on my way to and from work on my workdays. It’s a good opportunity to express your ideas, concerns and get into constructive conversations about SL Colonies and whatever else.

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It’s a formidable device! I’m testing it with my ALTs… to the despair of those who don’t like that we have more than one account and more than one role in the game! laughter.
The trivia for those who don’t master the language is amazing! more laughs!
Congrats Devs, you guys are great! :joy:

Testing…Riiiiight. :stuck_out_tongue:

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