Social Beacon for Enhanced Player Interaction

I’ve been thinking about the new social system to improve player interaction in our game. I propose introducing a “Social Beacon” as part of the game’s social system. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it would work:

  1. Each game parcel can have one Social Beacon.
  2. Players need to be within 10 meters of the beacon and touch it to join the social group.
  3. The beacon will occasionally send group members challenges in the form of random GATCHA phrases. Players must complete the challenges to remain in the group.
  4. Players will receive Social Points periodically, based on the number of group members.
  5. Players can boost their Social Points earnings by increasing their Drunk Stat, but they will lose all points if they pass out.
  6. When a player touches a Social Beacon for the first time, it becomes their designated “Home” beacon.
  7. To use Social Points to offset energy loss, players need to touch another Social Beacon, which will activate their Social Status.
  8. If players touch another Social Beacon to start socializing, the new beacon becomes their “Home,” and they can start earning Social Points again. However, their Social Status will be deactivated until they touch another beacon.
  9. If a player reaches the maximum Social Points, the beacon will remove them from the group. This discourages creating multiple accounts (alts) solely for socializing, as they will become ineffective unless they participate in other activities.

I believe this idea could encourage more interaction and cooperation between players while preventing the abuse of the social system. Let me know your thoughts on this proposal!

It’ll be fun watching people getting drunk and reaching maximum social points, gaining their social status and then working the fields and chopping trees with no energy loss as a consequence, but half blinded ahaha.

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I like the idea that colonists can come together and earn social stats and I believe the model you have shown would make a nice, easily recognizable landmark for those looking to socialize.

Question: Would it be possible to add this type of feature (perhaps at a much slower or lesser rate/effect) to the campfire, since it seems to invite gathering there as well? Perhaps the more seated around the fire could cause a small boost to social gain, though not so much as the obelisk? Just a thought :slight_smile:


So instead of drunken fist we going to see drunken axing? :rofl: the idea is good but i also wish we have a way to script our own beds to regain our energy and lower the fatigue. The whole building our furniture is great of course but i’m sure a lot of us want to use our own furniture that fits the theme of our place with thousands of kamasutra in it :kissing_heart:

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I have been working on the Social Stone, and I think I have it finished, I will be putting 2 in the Pub, and running an Event this weekend to test it this weekend


I do like the thought of a social stone. one could easily put it in the Tavern. So I foresee adding one to Lycan Sanctuary at some point.

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We will get back to the social stone after this market and merchant change. There’s a few bugs we need to squash from testing :beetle:

You know i been wondering, how much will this stone be costing and how far is the range?

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I think it should be free considering current state of system/community. I have no intention of paying for something that is supposed to fix an issue that shouldn’t of been an issue in the first place. And I hope this Social Stone isn’t released as a Patreon exclusive…

I would like to know how many can we place. I would put one in my tavern and at, what I am calling, my firepit social circle.

Thank you for sharing your views on the proposed Social Beacon. We appreciate all input as it helps us improve SL Colonies.

The SL Colonies team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users. Our developer, Drakkhis, has devoted countless hours to building and refining the system. Creating new elements, such as the Social Beacon, involves considerable time, effort, and resources. The price we set for these items is reflective of the value and quality they bring to the game and helps us to sustain our work on this platform.

We’d also like to clarify that we are committed to our community, and this is not reflected solely through the distribution of free products. We do not sell user data or run ads to gain revenue; we sustain the platform purely through sales and Patreon memberships.

Regarding the Social Beacon, rest assured it will not be a Patreon exclusive. However, our patrons at the $25 tier and above will receive it for free a week before the general release as a token of our gratitude for their support.

This is also an opportunity for players like yourself to consider supporting us on Patreon. It allows us to continue our work and gives you access to exciting new features before anyone else. We appreciate your understanding and support.

You can have as many beacons as you wish in your region. However, if within the same region, players will only be able to obtain Social Points. The only way to convert the points and hand them in for the buff will require you to visit another land completely.

This is made to encourage getting out there amongst the community specifically.


Using the social stone last week was amazing, the new DJ booth and Microphone in addition to the fire has made the tavern and even nicer place to hang out. I believe it enhances the sense of community. I also won a few points for answering two questions. Our next event would feature how awesome the stone really is. Great job

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