So This Happened To Me

So I am only 3 days into this system and I was out and about looking for dung when I came across a sim that had a note at the Landing Zone about the sim’s need for Rezzer Guards because of the frequent greifing and theft.

I went on to explore and found pigs and while I was collecting the dung, I was also to able to easily evade the guard that rezzed. I then notice that 4 pigs were available to collect , so in community spirit, I took the pigs and I immediately sent an IM to one the sim owners informing them that I took the pigs as a precaution based on their note and have them to trade back at their convenience.

This morning the actual owner of the pigs IM’d me and just flew off the handle accusing me of theft, and making comments like “what did I ever do to you” - full of immature drama even after I told he why I took the pigs and I requested a TP to trade them back to her. She refused!!??! I don’t think English was her first language and she is obviously unable to deal with my honesty, not to mention that this system is open to RP thievery which I stated WAS NOT my reasons for taking the pigs. Do you think she was RPing? LOL

I thought I was doing something nice and clearly explained the intend behind my actions. So much for being Mr. Nice Guy…


My first impression of your account of events, is that your use of the word “trade” for her to get back said pigs, was interpreted as good as “meet my ransom request” to get back the pigs… which could/would explain why she called you a thief (for, one must steal in order to hold for ransom/trade-back) and flew off the handle asking what she ever did to you. Trade implies you wanting/needing her to give you something in order to get the pigs back, which is ransom/blackmail I think.

While the game (SLC) IS totally 100% open to RP thievery and such, not all players who are playing enjoy and want that kind of play ((and they don’t yet understand the energy-physics of their thoughts and feelings “magnetizing” them for future experiences of the same train of thought and feeling)) so… you do have to play at your own risk, same as them, just in the other directions.

Where it’s not someone stealing from you that you’re mindful of, it’s the players who don’t find the thief-play fun, that your game benefits from you being mindful of. xD

If you truly mean her no harm or ill-intent as a player, you just give her the pigs back and thank her for being so clear about what’s fun for her and what (very clearly) isn’t; then go poke around and see about others who might find it fun. xD

If you’re of the mind that she’s playing at her own risk too, so to speak, and it’s on her to get better guards or find the fun in such surprises and good-game/player-communication, then keep the pigs until she changes her mind or you have other use for them-- knowing she may or may not begrudge and “warn” other players about you and her experience.

I find the game is much like life in this way. To (t)Each Their Own.

That’s my 3 cents.
Just another player,

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From reading your post

From my point of view it seems you didn’t send an IM to the owner of the pigs. All she/he knew when she/he logged on their pigs were gone. Lets presume she is a new farmer just like you and is just starting out. Been waiting 14 days for pigs to be ready and poof they are gone. Let’s also presume this person then had to go and spend CXP in an angry mindset to redo their pigs and have to wait another 14 days. I probably wouldn’t be having a good morning either. :slight_smile: just saying.


To be fair it is fairly easy to protect your crops and resources 100% against unauthorized access.

Don’t put them somewhere that random people can access. The problem is solved.

I understand its frustrating to lose resources, but if you don’t secure them that is the fault of the owner.

Its easy to defeat guards. However it is impossible to defeat Linden Labs parcel access.

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The need to setup ban lines or not is not the issue what is is couth,manners,courtesy how about just not taking whats not yours unless your a thief or bandit or lowlife as PART of the sim/kingdom/colony the piggies were no and as the KING of the I was waking the intent good or bad was not welcome while not having that first cup of coffee .

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When I was just starting out, someone killed all my animals so I decided to house my animals out of public reach from that point on. As well as my trees. I think the issue is much more complicated for sim owners with large sims and many players, as it is not very immersive to have to require players to teleport to the sky or something to gather the resources.

I think it would be ideal if we could set certain items to group access only, but this would not work for sims who wish to allow rp thievery.


All I’m saying is that there are solutions. Getting angry that someone doesn’t use the tools the way you THINK they should or should not is not one of them.

You don’t even have to put something in the sky.

Even on ground level you can make several parcels with public vs private access in plain sight that doesn’t break immersion.

You can make a separate skybox that looks exactly how you want. It doesn’t have to be a random field hanging in the sky.

You can use SL experience teleporter to look like anything you want to send people where they are allowed to go. (Mine looks like you are walking into a cave)

If you don’t want to do that you can cordon off areas via a security system.

What do farmers do in the real world to protect their herds from predators?

They either pen them in a structure or put a fence around their enclosure. Yelling about a fox problem doesn’t make the fox any less willing to eat the hens.


I used the word “Trade” because that is what the button is labeled that way.

I returned the pigs to the SIM owner shortly after I posted this. All is well.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


Every land owner has the responsibility to protect their own things. We had an incident where someone left our public garden and went to a platform on the sim that was a private area, not accessible unless you went out of your way, and took vinegar from our vintner. There was no IM, and they weren’t protecting our vinegar. We asked for it back and they refused.

I understand there are people who like this kind of Piracy in their RP but that needs to be established BEFORE HAND. I don’t feel like you wander around private areas just taking things you didn’t plant or produce because YOU feel like RPing theft. I don’t go sit in the middle of your modern farm Sim and say “I feel like RPing Gor, now you’re my slave.” RP’s need mutual agreement. I agree that making certain things like fermenters, breeding stations, etc able to be set to group only would help.

So, our policy is that if someone leaves or public area and goes to the private and kills an animal or takes things - they are banned from our parcels That’s posted in our garden. No need for fighting, drama, etc. Make a plan and enact it.