Slc store fish hunt?!

Do my eyes deceive me? SLC store’s evolution now includes a Fish Hunt?!

So now when we go to the sim we could encounter AFK Fishing Campers with Click Bait (pun intended) Hover Text …

Don’t you have to regularly have to pump Lindens into that system?

Your eyes don’t deceive you! Indeed, the SLC Store has incorporated the Fish Hunt from the GoldTokens network. Your concerns about AFK Fishing Campers with Click Bait hover text are understandable, but let me clarify how this system operates.

Essentially, the Fish Hunt is a customer-generation tool that can increase store footfall. The Fish Hunt buoy only attracts players when there’s a budget left in it. So, it’s not a case of continuous fishing but rather targeted moments of heightened activity.

Just last night, we had over 50 avatars exploring the store, conversing in our chat, and participating in the game. The promotion led to some of these visitors becoming new customers!

Yes, there is an operational cost associated with running this system, but we view it as an investment in community engagement and customer acquisition. We choose when and how to allocate funds based on our promotional goals. During these periods, we seize the opportunity to introduce newcomers to SL Colonies, often finding that visitors are genuinely interested in learning about our immersive world.

Thank you for your query and your ongoing involvement in our community.

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