SLC Main Store Size Increased - Need Your Input

Drakkhis & I have just upgraded our SL Accounts to the pro premium package available to take advantage of the extra Land we get.

We’ve contributed our available land to the SLC Group to expand our Main Store, which has now doubled in size.

We now have 4,096m2 available to us, and the store has gone from a rectangle shape to a nice large square.

  • What do you guys like and dislike about the current layout of the store?
  • What would you like to see now that we have that extra room?

We are open to ideas and discussion here to see what the community thinks will work best to bring in more new players to our system.

  • How can we display our products, our patrons, our participating lands and so on?
  • Should the landing area be a HUB for discussions with region server owners having an ad board up to their land and a display of all our patrons?

Let us know what you’d like or what you think might work best.

It’s always nice when there’s a new item to see a display of it. I like the sheep in the store who baaa while I’m buying seeds. I think the board for colonies to put up an ad or link to their place is a cool idea. But really the current main store is laid out with categories and very easy to navigate.