SLC Main Store Size Increased - Need Your Input

Drakkhis & I have just upgraded our SL Accounts to the pro premium package available to take advantage of the extra Land we get.

We’ve contributed our available land to the SLC Group to expand our Main Store, which has now doubled in size.

We now have 4,096m2 available to us, and the store has gone from a rectangle shape to a nice large square.

  • What do you guys like and dislike about the current layout of the store?
  • What would you like to see now that we have that extra room?

We are open to ideas and discussion here to see what the community thinks will work best to bring in more new players to our system.

  • How can we display our products, our patrons, our participating lands and so on?
  • Should the landing area be a HUB for discussions with region server owners having an ad board up to their land and a display of all our patrons?

Let us know what you’d like or what you think might work best.

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It’s always nice when there’s a new item to see a display of it. I like the sheep in the store who baaa while I’m buying seeds. I think the board for colonies to put up an ad or link to their place is a cool idea. But really the current main store is laid out with categories and very easy to navigate.


Maybe something that shows how many players there are in each profession? Might help some people decide what profession to start in and help balance things out a bit.


I like this idea, but it might be hard to implement unless it tracks in real time. The tracking issue comes because it’s easy and quick to switch professions. I don’t want us to lose that ease of switching because it helps individual communities balance their role distribution more easily. I don’t have a solution, just an observation.

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I would avoid having the landing zone itself in the middle of a hangout space since that leads to avatar stacking (the most avis I’ve ever seen stacked vertically was four, but it was fun!), and frustration for folks who just need to get to the vendors or see a demo. Have the “lounge” near the LZ but not surrounding it.

I like the idea of having a colony hub, where we could put landmarks and information about our areas, including who to contact and what, if any positions we’re short of, and whether we have active RP storylines (or are hoping to) or are just production. This is rambling a bit because I’m just throwing out ideas as they come to me. I’d like to see something more robust than a simple ad board, but I know it would still have to limit land impact and script weight. I can almost picture a sort of immersive introduction (almost like a multi-scene rezzer) where you choose a land, walk into a box or something, and see a multi-screen slideshow of images from the area and have the option to get LMs and notecards.

Mm, very rambly. Must get more coffee.

Oh, yeah, maybe an events calendar? We really are going to start our Night Market, soon. It would be a great way to post things like parties, monster hunts, tournaments, etc.

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I find the layout quite easy to navigate as is but on occasion the vendors switched on me in the middle of purchasing so I accidentally bought the wrong item a couple of times.

I would love to be able to landmark the area near the cxp market so I don’t have to walk over from the current landing point each time:) The space is so big now, I would try not to spread the vendors out too widely as it will entail a lot of walking.

I love the idea of having a board where sim owners can advertise their colonies. I know a lot of new players don’t have land so it would be ideal if there was a way for them to landmark all of the different sims which offer public gathering and crafting.

Clearly designated landmarks for different locations based on professions would be so helpful, like one for “Mining”, another for “Hunting” etc. as new players are generally confused about where to go when they visit a sim.

I especially love the idea of giving people access to at least one colony/sim that offers a place for players to reside and work, it lends to so much realism and is truly the best way to showcase all of the wonderful potentials of this system.


This wouldn’t need to be real time, it could update once a day or something, also it wouldn’t have anything to do with losing the option to switch professions. It’s just a display to know if there are empty or low populated professions across slc and maybe help new players decide what profession would help them get into a colony easier and fill a space.


I’m loving the ideas, keep them coming through. The inspiration is good.

I understand the landing zone issue. Not much can be done if it gets busy when you just own a parcel. As a region owner/manager, you can set up a telehub which various landing spots to spread people out as they land around your area.

So far, with your input I am thinking the landing area being simple as it currently is, to encourage people to move out of the way. Then having a community HUB section with signs showing total players online over the last 24 hours, signs showing how many are in each profession. With professions, we could account for anyone that’s been logged on in the last week or month and not count inactive accounts.

In this HUB, we can include all our patron signs (better than current ones), and a display of our participating sims which can include photos, landmarks, notecards and so forth.

And the store can stay pretty much as is where you buy items. Though, I might centre the landing spot and use the front portion as the store, the rear portion as the community HUB.

We can even have a teleport down to a display area that Drakkhis is building, a little as we did for the Relay for Life event.

We will have to see what land impact allows.

As above, please keep those ideas coming. When I get time off work I will draw up a plan and see what I can do!


This might be a bit big and maybe was already mentioned in the past idk (I have very bad memory) but, it would be neat to have an NPC in the store for lower level quests to earn a little cxp bonus… Maybe like a once a week random mini quest.? i.e. NPC wants a specific mushroom in a certain quantity and you have a limited amount of time to find and return those mushrooms.

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Thats happening for sure. When we make the quest npcs that work with slc we will have daily quest givers in store :slight_smile:


Okay, I have visited the store, and…wow! I love the layout! It was fun to explore, and it made sense. Signage was enough to keep from getting too lost, and yet things were separate enough that you don’t have to wade through the tavern crowd to get to the level up station.

Great job, guys! Way better than I imagined.

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