SLC Coin Cost per Prim on Sim

I’ve just been having some fun with my costing spreadsheet to determine real cost of having SLColonies items on sim on your land.

Costs are based on a Full Region at $229USD a month purchased through Linden Labs.

You would need to adjust based on your own costs on your sim.


I’ve done this as I have a full spreadsheet with all recipes which accounts for all crafting costs of everything in the system (except player made recipes). But for a base cost, I never considered the actual cost in USD to have those items on your sim.

So now, my spreadsheet accounts for gather time, respawn timers, tool durability use, crafting time required and so on, to get down to the nitty gritty and get an ACTUAL cost to produce an item on land which you could then use to determine how much you should sell your items for for SLC Coin.

When we build our 2 sim official sim, it will also have its own economy, and it will have its own conversion rate from SLC Coin to its economy coin chosen.

I can make a simplified sheet and share it on google docs with 1 or 2 basic recipes so you can see how it’s done and expand on it for yourself if you like.


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