🍳SL Colonies Monthly Recipe Design Competition

Calling all culinary creators and food enthusiasts of SL Colonies! It’s time to put your chef hats on and get those creative juices flowing because we’re excited to announce our Monthly Recipe Design Competition! :tada:

Here’s the deal:

  • What to Do: Design an original recipe within our Cooking System. Share the recipe name, a mouth-watering description, and if you’ve got it, a photo of what the dish might look like. :camera_flash:
  • How to Win: Post your recipe below and let the community decide! Our new discourse Post Voting plugin lets everyone vote on their favorite recipes right within this topic. The more engaging and creative your post, the better your chances of winning those votes!
  • Prizes Galore: The recipe with the highest votes by the end of March will not only win the creator’s heart but also:
    • 100 Platinum to splurge in our platinum store :gem:
    • A L$1,000 Gift Card :credit_card:
    • A Culinary Champ in-game player title!
    • And the cherry on top? Your recipe will be transformed into a rezzable mesh in-game, complete with a recipe card for the community to enjoy. Plus, crafting your dish will grant a CXP bonus to all, until our next champion is crowned!

Why Participate? This isn’t just about the prizes (though they are pretty sweet). It’s about bringing our community together, sharing our creativity, and adding more flavors to the SL Colonies world. Plus, who doesn’t love a good CXP boost?

Spread the Word: Don’t forget to share your post on Facebook and in SL Colonies groups to gather those votes. The more you share, the higher your chances of winning!

Let’s Make It Fun: This is a monthly event, so let’s keep the creativity flowing. Whether you’re a seasoned chef in SL Colonies or just starting, your recipe has the potential to spice up our world.

Ready, Set, Cook! Show us what you’ve got. Post your recipes below, and let’s make this competition a delicious success. Happy cooking, everyone! :plate_with_cutlery:

Remember: Keep it friendly, keep it fun, and let’s make SL Colonies even more delicious together!

NOTE: Anyone can get involved, not just cooks!

Although non-cooks get 3 ingredients to use, think about it a little deeper, for example:

Simple Cake (Final Product)
1 x Special Dough
1 x Orange Glaze

Special Dough
1 x Milk
1 x Flour
2 x Sugar

Orange Glaze
1 x Orange Zest
1 x Sugar

Sweet Beef Tenderlion Bread
Beef Tenerlion-1
Corn bread-1

Portobello Garlic mushroom
Sweet Beef Tenerlion Bread-1
Portobello Mushroom-3

Dark Beef Tenderlion meal
Portobello Garlic mushroom-1
Lions mane mushrrom-2
Bell pepper-5

All that make DArk Tenderlion Meal.

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2 chicken meal

|basic spice|2|
|bell pepper|1|
|green onion|2|
|water chestnut|2|
|whole chicken|2|
|yellow onion|1|

Billie Jean Bailey

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Beef Zest Mushroom =
4 x Beef porterhouse
2 x Orange zest
5 x Portobello mushroom

Side dish =
5 x Carrot
5 x Cabbage
5 x Roast potato

Dark St Patty Day Meal = Enjoy the meal
1 x Beef Zest Mushroom
1 x Side dish
1 x Blackberry Juice

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