Single Item Vendor Script Mistake

I made a Newbie mistake with the Single Item Vendor script and ended up losing 200 Harvest Bags.

This is what happened: I rezzed your vendor prim, added 200 Harvest bags and attempted to link the vendor prim to my vendor object but due to the perms, your vendor prim wouldn’t attach.

So I dragged the scripts into my inventory then added them to the contents of my vendor and went to set a price only to discover my bags had vanished!

I didn’t realize I should of withdrew the bags prior to dragging the scripts into my inventory - DOH!

I had a lot of hours invested into those bags so is there any chance of you guys sending me 200 replacement bags?

Very much appreciate it if you can. :slight_smile:


I am curious as to why this post which has been up for over a day, is being ignored by the Devs while more recent posts by other folks have been addressed.

Now I made an honest, albeit, stupid mistake, but in all fairness, nowhere in the product notecard or video (which says the scripts are copiable) are there any cautionary statements pertaining to the moving of the scripts from one object to another.

I would think that the Devs would have exercised their Due Diligence to warn consumers of the potential risk of losing all the items that have been deposited if the scripts are dragged into one’s inventory without first withdrawing those items.

Please update this product’s notecard with the Warning

Thank you for your help and resolution of this issue.

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I apologize, I had meant to handle this yesterday, but I have many things I am doing, a little patience would be nice and appreciated, I have transferred the Inventory of 200 Harvest Bags from your old Vendor to your New Vendor, so your new Vendor now has an additional 200 Harvest Bags in it.


It is a well-known fact within Second Life that removing scripts from items or placing them into others essentially resets them. However, it’s not too hard for us to re-link your items to your old vendors as has been done :wink:

All products will have notecards updated when we prepare to head out of beta, don’t worry too much about that. They have several paragraphs about being in beta and some shop discount details. The notecards haven’t been touched since day one beyond a quick item description on the release of the original item.

I am also redoing all the videos for every product before heading out of beta and will commence that soon.

A few of our products have changed since making the videos initially.


Like I said - A stupid mistake as I was caught up in the moment of using the item for the first time :slight_smile:

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Thank you, much appreciated :slight_smile: