Set Recipes at Level Up

Jillianscott — Today at 8:31 AM
I feel like when you level up there should be a set recipe for that level instead of a random one. I just went up to level 4 herbalist and got the recipe for Health 10 - a Level 0 recipe I can read on discord. It was like graduating from school and getting a jar of baby food as a gift. Meanwhile - I am at the place where I need to test my creations but I still don’t know how to make light antidote - a level 1 potion!

Also a friend joined our RP as a brewer specifically to make us vinegar but after juicing a million things for XP she’s level 2 and other than “its made in the barrel” she has no idea how to make vinegar.

There are certain things that are fun to figure out - but there are also base skills every profession needs to have.

So when you level you should get a set skill - like Level 1 for Chefs is a fish or fruit drink since they are living on fishing and fruit in the beginning. Level 3 Herbalist should get antidote, Level 3 brewer gets vinegar — Then have a sort of a wishing well system (besides fishing in which recipes are super rare) for the professions where you can change cxp for a random recipe.

I dont think a specific recipe would be good, as it could be that you already know it before levelling. In which case you would get nothing.

We could potentially make it so that when you level, it will prioritise to give you a recipe from your class and level.

If you already know all recipes from your level, it will drop to a lower level. And if you know all recipes for your class, itll give you a random from any class.

Any change to the current system will be months away though. We are backlogged with other things we need to release.


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