Script multi seller

Hi. I’m using the multi seller script for while and I found the necessity of sell multiple item for coin. Like 5 apple for 1 coin (just example, its not literally this.) I didnt found how if this use already exist. If dont, would be awesome to have in future update.

Right now I just add a quantity of item I wish to place for sale, how much coins I want to buy this item and then how much I want to sell it. A how much per coin would be great :smiley:

Hmm, no, that feature doesn’t exist at this time.

We can do something like this in future. I know what you mean.

Currently, the system forces you to sell the cheapest item, such as a reed, at one coin each.

It would be nice to sell a bunch of 50 reeds for one coin each or buy 50 reeds for one coin instead of 1 for 1.


I miss this option too. A feature that you have in the CXP store.