Scribing recipes for cooking

This post goes off of my question about deleting recipes prior, but I am proposing and idea so thought this was appropriate spot to post. I had learned since then that herbalists can scribe potions that they had concocted. Meaning if it’s scribed, it gets released to public. Is it possible that system can be added to cooking station? That way will allow old recipes that were made using alternative versions of same ingredient to still work. I have had recipes become useless due to deleting of ingredients such as “my cream” and “my butter” which ultimately ended up being same recipe but without the MY. I was thinking there could be multiple recipes for same item. It would be like in rl having different brands of butter.

To add to this with alchemy. Whilst scribing makes a concoction permanent, an unscribed potion cannot be taken into inventory or sold, or combined into other recipes.

They can be tested. Which means you, or a friend, gets to “test” the concoction you have brewed yourself, and they can test it directly from the station.

The reason alchemy has this feature, is because stats of a potion are not known to you before testing, they are a surprise. You get told the stats in chat on testing and after the effects have been given to you.

When it comes to cooking, it is clear the stats the recipe gives you. Theres no chance that you could die eating a food you can see the stats of prior to consumption.

You can die testing potions at an alchemy table.

It would be a useless feature to have testing on a cooking station (in my opinion) for those reasons. We will be updating cooking in future and having clearer stats with numbers showing would be something we could do, as well as a new way to mix ingredients for cooking.