Sausage Recipes by the Community

Hey all,

I’m in the process of adding sausage casings to the butchery and from there I will create sausage recipes using casing for the butcher professions.

I see that currently there is one sausage recipe Pork Sausages created by Vudon. I will move that recipe to the butcher table soon and add a casing requirement to make it.

If you guys want to assist and you have some cool recipes, please make some new sausage recipes in the cooking station and be sure to add sausage in the product description. Try and use some of the new herbs too.

I’ll then move all these new sausage recipes to the butcher table and require casings added to them to complete.

Benefit to you creating the recipe? You know first hand the recipe for the butcher to use + 1 type of casing based on size/type of sausage.

Casings will come in 3 forms:

  • Thin (lamb casing)
  • Regular (Pork Casing)
  • Large for salamies and large calibre dry cured meats usually (Beef Bung).

Appreciate if you reply to the topic with a simple BUMP to let me know a new recipe has been added by the community and I’ll take a look!

Thanks all!


We will come back to this one. Butchery will likely get the same treatment as some of the other professions, where you’ll have limitless recipes open to you to make sausages and such which should remain with a butcher and not cook station.

With addition of casings as a requirement to make a sausage we can make it restricted to a butcher.

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Has this been put into SLC yet. The butcher is intrigued grin. he also mention making cheese


Not yet. We will come back to butcher profession and have the ability to make unlimited recipes using sausage casings and other types of goods to make smoked and dry products to boost stats.