Same Recipes, Different Names?

We have a new cook at Crimson (galenrhodes), and he had some issues using the cooking station. That was resolved, but when he went to make Cream using the established recipe, the cooking station named it My Cream. Same with Butter–it came out My Butter. Unfortunately, it can’t be used in existing recipes that call for Butter or Cream. We figured out that the difference is that the earlier Butter and Cream were not food or drink, but ingredients. When Galen made his, the crafting window forced him to check one of the boxes (Food or Drink).

It seems to have been a glitch for Galen, since Vudon just used the Craft button and window, and it crafted Cream (not My Cream). So the question is, can we get the names changed on the new ones (Galen’s) since they are the same recipes as the ones that already existed?

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When He created my Cream, He choose Food instead of Drink… Someone created a Food Recipe named My Cream that is the same recipe, but it is aa food, Not a Drink



For someone then coming along and just cooking. When they put a recipe together that has already been invented, do they have to pick if it’s food or drink to get the right cream that’s used in other recipes?

Shouldn’t the system perhaps just know, if you combine this and that, then it is that recipe, whether or not you checked food or drink to make it?

This will become an issue when people aren’t able to really discern whether something is food or drink. Is cream a food or a drink? It’s a bit of both. When does cream become a food? Dullop cream, double thick cream?

Also, I see the benefit of both ways… fish for example.
We all know 1 fish = 1 cooked fish
If you click drink, you made yourself blended fish guts? :smiley:

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@TemujinCalidius ;
Well, the situation is we are allowing the community create their own recipes, and we are allowing Food and Drinks… The solution would be to A: Simplify the system and combine food and drinks to the same type of Item. B: Not allow the same ingredients to be applied to a food and a drink. or C: Seperate the Food and Drinks into 2 seperate Stations.