Risks for Rewards

I want to preface this post outright stating that I do notttt by any means know even half of what the system is capable of/entails. I’m providing these suggestions based on my experience alone, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Here are my thoughts.

Fall Damage

This was briefly mentioned as the result of a small joke on a previous stream, but I think it’d be a good addition to what we’ve already got going on. Flying already drains energy, adding the chance of taking damage from falling would make you that much more mindful of what it is you are attempting to do. This element would urge you to consider where / how you traverse regions. (we also already have an environmental damage system so why not)

This could also just add to a builds immersion. Imagine stashing some valuable gatherable somewhere difficult to reach and making someone actually work to get it; In combination with environmental damage, the map/build making could be as tame or crazy as anyone desires.

CXP Death Penalty

Tough and not everyone is going to like it but what is the point in a dead/dying/death status if there are no real consequences to it. In my opinion a good place for a penalty like this would be the 50-75% range, as you shouldn’t be so open to dying anyhow.

I recognize we do already lose our stats, but with the stockpile of potions, meals, etc that I know so many have in abundance, how inconveniencing is that really?

Pests/Disease for Fields/Crops

In my opinion, despite fields and plots having a fair growth duration, they are still too “set it and forget it.” This change would be a little more significant than the other ideas, and I don’t know how this could be implemented but it would add an extra layer of maintenance to something that feels pretty dull (I love the system, I swear.) As things are now, the hardest part of farming/growing is having to rest at the campfire or stuff your face full of an unrealistic amount of food and jump back into it.

I think this should be RNG as well, considering that’s how it works irl.

Introducing a chance of infestation creates the need for pesticides, creating another niche in the market (or long term famine :crazy_face: )

I feel that these concepts are easily applicable in any RP type, as they are elements of the real world. I don’t know the heavy lifting side of things, I have 0 experience coding so I don’t know what comes with hefty servicing hours, what is possible and not. Just dropping my thoughts off. Also, if any of this already exists, keep in mind I’m a noob.

For future consideration and written with the survival aspect in mind! :grin:

Great idea. While we did discuss this on one of the live streams, it’s great to discuss it in more detail, such as the use case and how it could affect role play and building specific areas to create challenging experiences for your player base.

This is a good one. Having a CXP penalty for death might actually be a good idea. It is not that easy to die, at least not currently, until we have forced PvP zones and such where you would die more frequently. How would it work in such a situation?

I have also thought of other ideas that would work along the lines of death in the game.

Dropping Loot

On death, random items in your player inventory would drop into a bag that would rez in-world that another player can loot. So if you have not placed your items into storage, including currency, they can be looted from you in PvP and upon death.

There are great concepts here as well. We are already thinking of adding extra features to farming and breeding, which include caring for your field and caring more for your animals during their life, which would reward the player with better harvests and materials at the end of the line and would be optional to do.

But another brilliant idea here is to add concepts such as random diseases and pests that would spread through the whole SLC system.

That way, if you set and forget certain things and don’t take the extra steps to mitigate, there is a chance of natural disaster occurring.

Players have also mentioned this one a few times:

Spreadable Diseases

A virus or infection that could spread from player to player and require potions or serums to cure has been mentioned a few times.

I’d love to read other players opinions on all of this and see what we can come up with as a community.

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This is a great question and I definitely didn’t consider it prior. I think that PVP should still result in a CXP loss, again I don’t know the ins and outs of the tech side of all this, but if it would be possible, have the PVP toggle just result in a lesser penalty. In my head it is more reasonable to give PVP a lesser penalty to prevent another party from trying to grief someone’s CXP. As for everything else, falling, environmental, or just outright health management, that’s all on the individual to be mindful of. You can’t control how much damage your adversary does, but you can stop yourself from jumping off a cliff. :rofl:

I had this idea as well, but I do recall from a previous stream, a concern about managing griefing that could come along with it so I didn’t bother listing it. I’m 100% behind this idea and dropping loot on death.

Circling back to this before closing, I also had the thought of a broken or sprained status to go along with falling. This status would also be by chance, and result in something like a temporary energy penalty/debuff or hindered movement as long as the hud+meter were active (until remedied of course.)

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I have read through all of this and they are some Great Ideas. Here are a few of my thoughts

Fall Damage
I love this Idea, and I almost stated opening the Meter to put it in as soon as I read it, I am going to have to do some tests and some research to determine the min and max distances for this to be fair but viable for the game.

CXP Death Penalty
When we Originally built the game we actually had this in the game, if you died you would loose 100% of your gained CXP. The Game was alot harder back then because your health would start to drop after 8 hours of not drinking and double that after 12 hours of no food, and you would be dead within 24 hours. So the resource management was very Harsh, and people were dying all the time, so we removed the CXP penalty, and then later we relaxed the stat decay. We can easily re introduce the death penalty, and I like the Idea of reducing the penalty for PVP, and we would negate the penalty for Tournament play.

Pests/Disease for Fields/Crops
I have been giving this one a bit of thought lately, and I think I might have an Idea, and that Little Gem collecting game gave me the Idea kinda… So I was thinking that each field would have a small chance each hour of Growing to spawn a “Incident” this could be a bug, or a bird, or a bit of rot. Maybe all the Incidents are not Bad, maybe we even introduce a Golden orb to represent a Increase. But what happens is when the Incident rezzes it effects the Fields output in some way So the field Starts with an output of 100% and when a negative incident spawns it automatically reduces the Fields output by a set percentage, and if the farmer comes and deals with the incident the output goes back up, but if the incident is left too long it disappears and the damage is done. The only issue with this system is it would use a few extra Prim on land while the Incidents were in effect.

Dropping Loot
I Love this Idea, there are a few reasons I have not Implemented it yet and they are mostly SL limitations, Because the person being killed would have to be able to rezz on the Land they were killed on for them to be able to drop a loot bag, or we could get around that with having the Region Server rezz the bag, but that would mean that the system would only work in areas where there is a Region Server.

Spreadable Diseases
This is something I will look into again when We have implemented the Magic and Enchanting systems, because those systems deal with Temporary effects on the player and on Items.

Breaks and Sprains
This can also be looked at after the Magic and Enchanting is introduced. I have given it some thought, and I initially don’t like the Idea because SL is to in precise to be able to accurately determine what is injured by a specific incident, like what leg you landed on when falling… But maybe I am just being too picky, we can look at it later when we add the temporary effects into game.

So that’s a few of My thoughts on what can be dome and what I would like to do

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I love this idea and it actually has me wondering if the same could be applied for the huntables as well. I noticed the configuration menu on your DFC Bear Rezzer (which is so nice btw) has a “variant” option. Would it be possible to apply some form of RNG to spawn a variant or rare creature/crop yield that would drop loot unattainable by other means? Not much beyond unicorn or golden apples come to mind as I reply to this but something along those lines. Not necessarily having to be mythical, but rare, and as the sole source of whatever loot.

To this I don’t really have any ideas beyond maybe a particle in place of each object. A different color/effect for each status? If it’s possible to have something change the particle that triggers for whichever event. It’s simple and it just looks fun xD

Particle or not, 1-3 additional prims per field shouldn’t be enough to ruin anyones day. Especiallllyyy not if you’re participating in any type of farming/breedable system.

I like the particle Idea… Bit 1 - 3 prims for some of our customers that have 50 + fields could really add up