[Request] Vineyards move to Brewer

In my opinion, the vineyards belong to the brewer. the brewer should do the tilling and harvesting of the vineyards and of course get the XCP for it. the farmer has enough to do with all the other fields and work. thank you.

I can see this going either way.

I concentrate on brewing myself.

It used to be so slow by crafting 1 ferment per week.

Now with orchards I harvest fruit and berries daily and press them into fruit juice. I get a lot of xp daily doing that.

I can see vineyards going to brewer. Not sure why I picked farmer by default. Probably didnt think.

When you see a vineyard, usually there is a brewery attached to it to ferment the wines.


I do not think it should change, and here is why. the brewer is not a vintner, it is a catch all class for all the brewing, so buy this logic the large field should belong to the brewer class as well since the brewer uses the wheat and the potatoes to make their mash. On a side note looking at the associated skills for the class, a brewer does not have the skills to grow crops, a vineyard owner, the person growing the grapes, hires a master vintner to create their wines for them, the growing and care of fields are not part of the vintners duties. A person called a vinedresser ( A specialized Farmer)oversees the growing and tending of the actual fields, vines and grapes.

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i agree, but since we don’t have a vintner, the vineyards are better off with the brewer than with the farmer. the farmer has so many fields, the few vineyards are certainly not missing and the brewer is happy about the few cxp he gets in addition.

I think you may be missing the point. the entire premise of the system is to create an environment where no one character is supposed to be able to do all the things they need to do. The system is designed to require different professions to rely on other professions, just like a blacksmith can’t smelt to make the ingots they use, and a farmer can’t make the plough they need, and a cook can’t grow the vegetables they use… If you put the vineyards under the brewer then why not let them grow the wheat the use and the potatoes they use as well? if you do not then you are pushing brewers into becoming wine makers since it is more profitable and easier to obtain the ingredients needed, so you are punishing brewers who do vodka or moonshine.

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To be fair we do still need barrels and yeast from two other professions.

Barrels are not exactly easy to come by.

I think profit is irrelevant in the equation because I still have my own vineyards I just don’t get xp for harvesting them. Gaining a little xp or not doesn’t really equate to profit.

Especially considering farmers harvest and make more xp than any profession in the game.

thanks for your explanation but i am aware of everything. vineyards just don’t belong to a farmer who grows vegetables or the like. since we don’t have a vintner in game it is obvious to transfer the vineyards to the brewer. and in case you missed it above, temujin probably gave the vineyards to the farmer by mistake as he wrote above himself. it’s only about the vineyards not about half the game :slight_smile: no reason to make an elephant out of a mosquito ^^

yeast you can only buy :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct about the yeast. I forgot.

The large, medium and small vineyard have been changed to give CXP to the Brewer profession.

It’s a bit like the herb garden gives to the herbalist.

Understandable this does not include potatoes, wheat and such also used in brewing, however we’ll go along that where you see a vineyard on farmlands you will generally see large sheds with fermenters and winery going on with bottling and so on.

Brewer needs a little more love.


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