Request: Cooking Related

During my google through the step by step of various food i would love to cook i notice some things that i can or can’t do due to it either doesn’t exist or would require a certain equipment but it can’t create said item yet. So here’s some stuff i would like to see added, if anyone also has such situations perhaps post a reply in this topic to join in the discussions. :smiley:

Winepress and Mill

  • I wanted to make oil, but some oil requires the use of either a press or a mill, so in order for that to happen they need to be able to also create recipes like how the kitchen does.

Kitchen does not detect seeds

  • Its not possible to make oil via seeds because the kitchen don’t see it as a cooking ingredient so there’s no bypassing XD

Radish, Soy Bean, Pepper, Chilli

  • I could cook carrot and make it a radish but that’s… unorthodox :rofl: and really there is no replacing soy bean because there literally is no beans of any kind. And i like to have some spice in my life, but for now i could just use Basic Spice so its not a hurry to get item.

Baking Soda/ Powder

  • Its basic baking ingredient, really need this XD

Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Bean, Etc

  • Can’t make ice cream and of other kinds of cake and stuff without it!

Other Herbs

  • Parsley, Basil, Dill, Thyme, Oregano you know?

Get seawater from fishing pool

  • If i can use a jar or pot to get sea water as a ingredient that be great :smiley:

Thank you for this post, I will look into adding what we can.

I have been slowly going through requests and adding things today, But upon reading this again I just thought I would comment that Baking Soda / Powder is not something you would find in a rustic kitchen, the use of it wasn’t wide spread until the 1900s and it was only invented in 1846… What you would most likely find is ammonium bicarbonate or Bicarb… Which is still used in Europe…
In the mediaeval times it was known as Hartshorn and created by burning crushed animal horns in a kiln.

Nice, we could add that to a recipe using antlers from deer hunting that you sometimes get. Smelter, alchemist?

Hmm, I think Smelter would be the best. Either that or the pottery station.

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Ooh, i didn’t know about all that. I guess this is why my history fail. XD i’m glad you are adding more fun stuff to the system :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Actually pottery will be the best one. More colonist/level 0 work too :slight_smile:

ceramics and horns? I can’t make that connection. I think who hunts should work them.
but the important thing I want to ask for today is:
a page on the site exclusively for food to be related! where obviously their properties were exposed. and a menu that we could choose the order, such as selecting foods with more energy, more fatigue, etc.

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I would love to see some cooking & prep stations - mortar and pestle, for example, or a grinder as stated above (bc I really need my coffee, lol!) drying racks could be used to make salt, spices or jerky. cutting boards could turn raw veggies into ones prepped for stews (and also give the blacksmiths and carpenters more business - because we would then need kitchen knives and/or the board itself) A dedicated oven could be a welcome addition as well, for breads and pies, cakes, etc. For oil, -could- use the wine press since we already use it for grapes, berries, and fruit. Alternatively, one could dedicate the wine press to juices and wine, making a separate press for oils - though it may be redundant?

As to the addition of new ingredients, I would love to see them - the more the merrier! In fact, currently being a farmer, I would love to see new crops become an unlockable feature based on level. I know this was mentioned in another thread and probably belongs there - but I felt the comment was along the same road. (if I can find it, I will add my thoughts there in detail as well)

Ceramics + horn or bone = bone china. I am not sure how far back it was used, but I do know it was used and at one point, quite sought after! :slight_smile:

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