[REQUEST] Cook Time on WebGL Stations

The stations that haven’t been migrated into the WebGL system have one very nice feature that the WebGL ones do not: They tell you how long your cook time is going to be in chat when you start to craft your recipe.

I don’t know if there’s a reason the WebGL ones do not, like a coming feature where the player sets the length of time (I think the Alchemy already does this). If there isn’t a specific reason it doesn’t calculate the time, it would be awesome to have the Cooking Station tell you how long the craft is that you’ve started. Yes, you can calculate (roughly) the amount of time for a large batch by doing a single item first, but that’s sort of tedious.

Is this a doable thing, especially for the Cooking Station?

Yes, It is something That I Overlooked when making the first cookikng Station, there will be an update and it will fix the issue


This is just a bump to the topic. Vudon commented earlier that he wished he knew how long a batch of whatever he’s cooking is going to take.

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We just discussed this last night, and It is on my list of things to get done before I go on vacation in a few weeks


Yay! Thank you. I hadn’t thought about it since I commented about it before. He hasn’t done any large batch cooking since we started the move, until last night.

He commented about it to me when he started a batch of something, asking me to remind him because he didn’t want to lose all those ingredients. So I went then to bump the request. And of course, irony (or Murphey) struck in the form of a downed tree that took out the power for 3 hours and the internet for 5.

And really? You’re taking a vacation?
Good for you!

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LOL Yes, unfortunately we have to split out vacation in 2 this year because my Wifes work, but we will be gone for the month of June, and then again for September and Part of October… We tried to take it all at once, but they were not happy about that. Ohh and as to where wew are going the Provance area of france. We have a van converted into a little camper and we drive around france and camp where we want.


Oh wow! That sounds like an awesome plan!

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Just sent an updated Cooking Station v0.12.0that adds a time left to the hover text, also adds the Owner Menu features and the ability to Link to a Sign.


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