[REQUEST] Campfire Nitpicking

It’s a little, nitpicky annoyance thing, so if it doesn’t get changed, it’s okay. But when you rez a campfire, the only sure thing about it is that you will be standing on the opposite side of the fire from the initial chair. It would be cool if it rezzed the first chair near the owner. Also, the fire and chairs are hard to rotate. It can be done, after a fashion. And finally, if you’re sitting on a campfire to gather reeds or water or something, someone else sitting on your fire relocates you when it adds a chair–which might mean you lose a gather if it moves you more than five meters from the thing you’re gathering.

ETA: It would be awesome if the fire were phantom, too!


You can rotate the fire and chairs with build tool. Also, gathering while sitting to gain energy sounds like a cheat or exploit to me.

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